The John J. Roe

Mark Twain’s boat was so slow no other steamer would condescend to race with it. With the utmost candor, Twain comments that his boat moved at such a pathetic pace, they used to forget in what year it was they left port. Nothing would mortify Twin more than the fact that ferry-boats, waiting to cross the river, would lose valuable trips because the passengers grew senile and died waiting for his boat, the John J. Roe, to pass. Mark Twin wrote in a jocose manner about the races his steamer had with islands and rafts. With quiet humor he continued to malign the riverboat, but his book is replete with love for this sort of life.

  • condescend – merendahkan, show feelings of superiority; be patronizing.
  • mortify-mempermalukan, menyinggung perasaan
  • senile- uzur
  • jocose- playful or humorous.
  • raft- rakit
  • malign – menjelek-jelekan
  • replete – dipenuhi



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