The Economics of Fashion

In dress, the fashion appears to be “set” by a few foreign designers and a handful of affluent individuals who purchase these designs. The fashion industry is cognizant of the fact that fashions must change rapidly and often or their economy would become stagnant. For this industry it would prove fatal if it were not vigilant and prepared well in advance for a new fashion trend. As the old fashion becomes passe and a new fashion seems to be in the making, the garment manufacturers cannot afford to procrastinate. They rush large sums of money into production for a mass market. Having invested heavily, the manufacturers do everything possible to influence and motivate the purchasers. Through every facet of publicity and advertising the industry exploits the natural desire for people to be au courant with the latest fashions.

  • affluent- makmur, kaya
  • cognizant- sadar, mengetahui
  • vigilant- waspada, berjaga-jaga
  • passe- ketinggalan jaman, no longer fashionable; out of date.
  • procrastinate- menunda-nunda, delay or postpone action; put off doing something.
  • facet- one side of something many-sided, esp. of a cut gem
  • au courant – aware of what is going on; well informed.



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