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indiscriminate, random, haphazard, careless, wild, offhand
tdk pandang bulu
yg tdk memilih-milih
indiscriminate, promiscuous
We do not believe that it should be used randomly on an indiscriminate basis.
Algeria became caught in a cycle of violence, which became increasingly random and indiscriminate .
Modern war is merciless, it does not spare pregnant women or infants; it is indiscriminate killing and destroying.
Now the attacks are becoming more random, brutal and indiscriminate .
The ensuing shootout resulted in the indiscriminate killing of women and children.
Loyalists assassinations seemed indiscriminate , unconscionable and wild but they were never mindless.
This contrasting case helps us to see in what sense indiscriminate terrorist killing is the killing of the innocent.
In fact, the current indiscriminate killing was a strategic mistake.
This is the absolute opposite of terrorism which allows for the indiscriminate killing of all peoples.
They were devastatingly effective because they can cover wide areas with intense and indiscriminatefirepower.
The new wave has ratcheted savagery and indiscriminate killing to unthinkable levels.
Both areas were crowded and the results were indiscriminate casualties.
His country and his people have been attacked in a savage and indiscriminate way.
The destruction seems indiscriminate , the victims random, the consequences immense.
Such a process would avoid prejudice and indiscriminate killing.
Mortars in particular seemed indiscriminate in inflicting casualties.
It was random, it was indiscriminate , it was murderous, and it was close to home.
The bands’ original political motives faded, and they turned to banditry and indiscriminate killing.
Charities have condemned the weapons for the indiscriminate killing and maiming of civilians both during and long after wars have ended.
By the end of 1941, more than half a million Jews had been slaughtered and the killing had grownindiscriminate .
It is due to its indiscriminateness that human sexuality is inherently prone to perversion.
The escaped woman said the rebels fired indiscriminately during the raid, shooting several children.
Inattention is both opposed to a discriminate subject/object relationship, and is, at the same time, the realization of a fantasy of indiscrimination .
The screenplay delivers an ambitious epic that is dense in a way that indicates notindiscriminateness but rather the existence of a highly personal internal logic.
Left unchecked, viruses could indiscriminately attack the body’s cells.
Centrality, extremism, and indiscrimination all manifest themselves in the assigned raw score standard deviations and rater fit statistics.
What continues to remain in our mind and memory is the hope for a new dawn of promises, free from atrocities and indiscriminations .
This caused problems during pregnancy when iron tablets used to be given indiscriminately or because haemoglobin levels fell.
I’m not sure my point was about marshalling the judgment of history so much as resisting theindiscrimination of contemporaneity.
Racist abuse was hurled indiscriminately from both sides.



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