More Than Silence

The quarantine method for handling bigots implies more than giving them the silent treatment. Prof. Fineberg urges the community-relations organizations to scrutinize the nefarious activities of hate-mongers and to be prepared to furnish information about them to amicable inquirers. When a rabble-rouser is coming, those organizations should privately expose him to opinion-molders. In addition, constructive efforts should be taken to induce people to involve themselves in projects for improving intergroup relations. Bigger than the immediate problem is the need to find out the cause for such bigotry and to counteract this sinister malady which afflicts a segment of our society.

  • imply – berarti
  • scrutinize – menyimak, mengamati dgn teliti
  • nefarious – jahat
  • monger – penjual
  • furnish – menyediakan
  • amicable – ramah, baik hati, bersahabat
  • inquirer – penanya
  • rabble-rouser – perusuh, pengacau
  • induce – menyebabkan
  • bigotry – kefanatikan
  • sinister – mengancam, mengerikan
  • malady – penyakit
  • afflict – menimpa



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