“For Distinguished Devotion to Duty”

Some month later Dorie Miller was serving on an aircraft carrier when Admiral Chester Nimitz, the Commander of the Pacific Fleet, came aboard to preside over a special award with the prestigious Navy Cross, commending his for a singular act a valor and “disregard for his own personal safety.” Miller’s heroism helped to shatter to bias against Negroes in the armed forces. Although he could have accepted a sinecure at a U.S. naval base, Dorie chose to remain in the combat zone where he was killed in action in December, 1943.

  • preside- memimpin, mengawasi
  • valor – keberanian, kegagahan
  • shatter- menghancurkan, memusnahkan
  • bias – prasangka
  • sinecure – pekerjaan yg amat enteng, mendapat gaji tanpa bekerja



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