A Dangerous Sport

Racing car drivers are vulnerable to dangers that other sportsmen seldom face. Drivers agree that controlling a car at top speeds on a winding course is a singularly* awesome* experience. There is the bedlam caused by the roaring motors that move the car from a standing start to 100 miles an hour in eight seconds. One is shaken by the cacophony of the brakes, larger than the wheels and producing during the course of a 350-mile race enough heat to warm an eight-room house through a hard winter. The driver needs to be on the alert to exploit any mistake by an opponent, and he must be constantly aware of the propinquity of sudden death. All of this makes car racing one of the most demanding games of all.

  • vulnerable – rentan, mudah diserang
  • singularly – luar biasa, secara istimewa
  • awesome – mengagumkan, mempesona
  • bedlam – hiruk pikuk, a scene of uproar and confusion.
  • cacophony – a harsh, discordant mixture of sounds, hiruk pikuk
  • exploit – mengeksplitasi
  • propinquity – kedekatan, keakraban



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