La Cucharacha – the Cockroach

The poor cockroach has been called “the most reviled creature on the face of the earth.” Nobody loves him – except, perhaps, another cockroach. Fiction, non-fiction, and poetry are replete with derogatory references to these ubiquitous bugs. Public health officials are quick to indict the insects as carriers of viruses that can cause yellow fever and polio. Although past evidence has been somewhat nebulous, recent studies also show that an allergy to roaches may contribute significantly to asthma. Little wonder, therefore, that the pesky cockroach is under attack.

  • cockroach- kecoa
  • reviled – dicerca, dicaci maki
  • derogatory- showing a critical or disrespectful attitude
  • ubiquitous- ada di mana mana
  • indict – formally accuse of or charge with a serious crime
  • nebulous- in the form of a cloud or haze; hazy.
  • pesky – causing trouble; annoying




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