Terjemahan dari volition
will, volition, desire, wish, grain, appetence
will, desire, wish, purpose, volition, want
Definisi volition
the faculty or power of using one’s will.
without conscious volition she backed into her office
  • will
  • willing
That implies a good deal of volition , but I would argue that those who lose the most have had their capacity for clarity of decision making impaired.
This self-imposed exile was a conscious act of volition .
without conscious volition she backed into her office
The swallowing center is programmed to discharge by volition .
without conscious volition she backed into her office
It is a failure of volition, but it’s an overwhelming drive that absolutely crushes volition .
The entire dream was spent in a state of suspension, traveling, evading, waiting, and watching, without any real acts of volition being carried out.
It is as if the vortical interplay of thoughts, emotions, and volition is the very source of this sense of ‘self’.
His mind, his understanding, his heart and affections, his will and volition are all corrupted.
The decision had been made utterly without conscious thought or volition on her part.
Such a course of action, he points out, requires a choice based on morality and a conscious act ofvolition on his part.
Autonomy is a matter of volition , the ability to act according to our internalised values and desires.
He knew that if he could just stand back a little he could apply his peculiarly deterministic volition to the problem.
If you cannot have it by its own total free will and volition , it will never be yours.
Yet volition is the one thing that a free individual cannot voluntarily relinquish.
Obviously, drinking and intoxication by alcohol complicated notions of individual autonomy and freevolition .
Its members have no volition , no foresight, no memory, no altruism (nor selfishness, in the strict sense).
Isn’t it a system of different canals, bones and nerves that communicate with one another in a set pattern and without volition ?
All words marked past, future, or volitive in this text are perfective.
A clause is not in the passive voice simply because it denotes an action that was not undertakenvolitionally .
But coming forward to register, like coming forward to vote, is a volitional act that requires some action and is prompted by some motivation.
Perceived control was originally added to the model for the purpose of predicting behaviours that are not under the direct volitional control of the individual.
Perceived behavioural control is a person’s belief in their ability and control to execute a behaviour, and was added to the model to help explain intentions and behaviour in situations where volitional control may be challenged.
On one end of the spectrum, some jurisdictions allow consideration of volitional aspects of brain diseases.
Both sources, the appetitive and volitive , are in some way present in any given desire, although at different levels as will be developed in this study.
The promotion of ICT works best when it is organic and volitional , using the initiative of teachers – rather than regulatory compliance – as its driver.
In the group as a whole there was no significant change in inspiratory muscle strength measured eithervolitionally or non-volitionally and changes in respiratory muscle strength did not correlate with changes in endurance time.
He does not concede, however, and no court or jury has officially determined, that he is volitionallyimpaired.
Repentance is a volitive act in relation to the past and to the future, since the person wills to discard past actions and to redirect himself to the Good in the future.
Breathing can be activated volitionally through corticospinal pathways or automatically via bulbospinal pathways.



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