Definisi compartment
a separate section or part of something, in particular.
a grassy mound or other support depicted below a shield.
divide (something) into separate parts or sections.
the buildings are to be compartmented by fire walls
  • section, part, bay, recess, chamber, cavity, pocket
  • domain, field, sphere, department, category, pigeonhole, bracket, group, set
Armor bulkheads separate the crew compartment from the fuel tanks.
He was, moreover, renowned for the speed with which he could dash off an article in a railwaycompartment , a cricket pavilion, or in whatever place he could snatch a few minutes.
He turned back to the aft compartment , and then paused.
Thus, the capacity of plants to counteract salinity stress may strongly depend on their ability tocompartment ions in the vacuole and to minimize ionic changes in the cytosol.
We reserved 6 reclining seats – 3 and 3 facing each other in a closed compartment .
a first-class compartment
As the railway compartment became a popular venue for fictional mayhem when crime fiction flowered from the later Victorian years almost all cases involved men attacking men.
storage compartment
The sequence built around the delivery of a child in a railway compartment is movingly handled.
Vronsky noticed the charming woman as he made his way to the first-class compartment that he shared with his mother.
the aft cargo compartment
It has a deluxe extendable handle that locks into place, as well as a separate shoe compartment and six large accessory pockets.
passenger compartment
As for ringing ahead to my parents waiting to pick me up, I ensure that I leave the carriagecompartment when I ring them.
The next thing she knew, she was lying on the floor of the first-class compartment being worked on by two doctors.
train compartment
On that occasion, the group had braved freezing conditions crammed under a carriage in acompartment designed for luggage or freight.
The lower section even contains a compartment offering an additional five litres of storage space.
We could compartment it more and look at the costs and consequences of that.
Passengers will ride in the main compartment aft of the cargo spaces.
a first-class compartment
That sound was probably just part of the brakes, and I now see that a freight train is passing us on the right (our compartment is on the left).
the aft cargo compartment
I don’t know why but it was not blacked out so you could see in the compartment .
Use the local fishmonger instead of buying fish fingers from the freezer compartment .
He found a large plastic container in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator containing what appeared to be frozen soup.
I forgot to mention that the PA system in our compartment doesn’t work.
A hiss of steam emitted from the aft compartment and the mechanical whir indicated the descending of the rear ramp.
There’s also a separate shoe compartment with locking zippers.
I only discovered our fridge had a freezer compartment 6 weeks ago.
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