Terjemahan dari vacant
empty, blank, vacant, free, bare, hollow
quiet, lonely, vacant
vacant, empty
empty, hollow, blank, vacuous, vacant, sterile
free, vacant, empty
spare, free, vacant, uncovered, open
blank, vacant
dazed, vacant, surprised, thunderstruck
Definisi vacant
(of premises) having no fixtures, furniture, or inhabitants; empty.
This assumes the premises were left vacant in the condition required by the lease.
sinonim: empty, unoccupied, available, not in use, free, unfilled, uninhabited, untenanted
  • empty, unoccupied, available, not in use, free, unfilled, uninhabited, untenanted
  • blank, expressionless, unresponsive, emotionless, impassive, uninterested, vacuous, empty,absent, glazed, glassy, unintelligent, dull-witted, dense, brainless, empty-headed, zombified,lobotomized
Blake gazed at the both of them then, his face becoming more vacant .
The result has been posts being left vacant for months as the University finds it hard to fill them.
It decided against filling the vacant post and the position won’t be reviewed until later in the year.
In a doorway, three young boys stare out with vacant eyes, inhaling deeply from glass jars filled with glue or gasoline.
In the middle is a small boarded-up chapel that has been vacant for years.
Most hospitals are scrambling like crazy to try to fill vacant positions.
He sits in an old rocking chair on a porch, a guitar on his knee and a vacant stare on his face.
Twenty-four pairs of glossy, vacant eyes stared back up at me and I felt my self-confidence begin to falter.
Church members are more aware of volunteer opportunities, and vacant positions are being filled.
This assumes the premises were left vacant in the condition required by the lease.
Up to £2,000 is available for new businesses occupying vacant premises and employing at least one member of staff.
In addition to lay-offs, another 150 vacant positions will not be filled.
As he left, he cast one last, longing glance in her direction, receiving nothing in exchange but the same cold, vacant stare from her.
Her vacant , doe-eyed stare into the camera shows little of the star quality that would make her a Hollywood legend.
She just looked vacant , lost and empty; it was awful.
For a fraction of the cost of newspaper ads, companies can fill their vacant positions within days.
It will be responsible for people’s postings, promotions and assisting in filling vacant positions.
He brushed a hand through his hair, his vacant blue eyes staring off to the side.
Today over 500 buildings, 2,500 residential units and 250 storefronts stand vacant .
He does have a point about the house being left vacant for months.
The demolition of the vacant shop premises in the estate was a major achievement for the Development Committee.
The family escaped to a nearby vacant house but the fires continued.
We anticipate a severe nursing shortage in the next few years and presently do not have enough lab or x-ray techs to fill vacant positions.
The house was listed for sale and was left vacant for approximately ten months before the plaintiff offered to purchase the house in April of 1991.
Despite the economic slowdown, there is still a need for overseas workers to fill positions that remainvacant in many industries.
Leaving it vacant would result in it almost certainly being vandalised.
The door led into an empty shop, vacant for the past two months since the little card shop moved downtown.
Police say one other burned building was vacant and three were occupied.
He stared back with a vacant expression and his mouth slightly ajar.
His vacant eyes lifted to stare out into the distance.
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