Terjemahan dari mush
porridge, pulp, mush, gruel, puree, spoon food
omongan yg tolol
drivel, mush
Definisi mush
a soft, wet, pulpy mass.
red lentils cook quickly and soon turn to mush
sinonim: pap, pulp, slop, paste, purée, mash, porridge, gloop, goo, gook, glop, sludge, guck
feeble or cloying sentimentality.
the film’s not just romantic mush
sinonim: sentimentality, mawkishness, schmaltz, corn, slush, slop
a journey across snow with a dogsled.
a twelve-day mush
reduce (a substance) to a soft, wet, pulpy mass.
simmer until the apples and potatoes are tender but not mushed
go on a journey across snow with a dogsled.
by the end of winter he will have snowshoed up to 700 miles and mushed about the same
kata seru
a command urging on dogs pulling a sled during a journey across snow.
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pap, sentimentality, pulp, slop
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They aren’t to be confused with that Cream of Wheat mush .
It feels as if I am the last man on earth as I mush my team of six race-trained Siberian huskies along the frozen lake Kuttijärvi.
Some families play Monopoly, others watch TV – but one 17 year old and her family mush together.
The cards, covered in pastel colors and sentimental mush , were of the lovey-dovey variety.
They are sitting, in sweltering silence, in a drab Fifties dining room, contemplating plastic tubs of brownmush – a bottle of red wine providing the only festive touch.
And more importantly, he avoids turning all this into sentimental mush .
red lentils cook quickly and soon turn to mush
red lentils cook quickly and soon turn to mush
He scooped up the sloppy bowl of thick mush that was mindlessly held out to him as he strode into the barracks.
the film’s not just romantic mush
The centre was completely rotten and the inner wood little more than mush .
The last of the summer’s flowers are mush , all the leaves have fallen off the maple and my chrysanthemums are looking a sorry sight.
She woke to a groggy headache; her mind felt like mush and her eyes were refusing to obey her as she lay for perhaps ten minutes, waging a war that she really didn’t care to win.
The streets are dirty mush , black ice on the road and slippery sidewalks.
Mary finished her porridge, swallowing the mush hastily before grabbing her overcoat and heading for the door.
A fairly decent-sized potato mush was topped with thin slivers of steak and then crowned with blue potato crisps.
I also cooked down some apples into apple mush so that we can use that in a smoothie today.
The basic meal consists of a staple starch prepared as a sort of mush , eaten with a sauce that contains vegetables and meat or fish.
In the camp’s acute ward, a young man lies chained to his bed, being fed protein-and-vitamin mushthrough a stomach tube inserted via a nostril.
a twelve-day mush for men and dogs over the frozen subarctic prairie
The ground was like mud – inches of ashes and mush .
the film’s not just romantic mush
Since there is a fine line between firm chunks and a sudden collapse into mush , avoid adding water.
I see the autumn harvests, frozen into black knots in the trees, the berries and fruit, left rotting on the floor and then all mush turned to ice on hard ground.
what you doing round here, mush?
These spacecraft scooped up mush and dirt and analysed it for biological activity.
The green leaves are cooked to a soft mush , and although tasty, the texture might be too much like purée for some.
The poached eggs are perfectly cooked but the chef is over generous with the Hollandaise which collects in a large pool on the bottom of the plate, further guaranteeing that the bread base is nothing but mush .
How much longer until I’m no longer forced to eat mush ?
the flowers had been flattened into a sodden pink mush
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