Terjemahan dari doodle
gambar yg tak berarti
menggambar dgn melamun
Definisi doodle
a rough drawing made absentmindedly.
In the notebook were pretty drawings, simple little doodles of simple little joys.
scribble absentmindedly.
he was only doodling in the margin
scribble, scrabble
This book held all of his doodles , sketches, and documentations on the many floras and faunas of the worlds he trekked.
Instead of doodling your crush’s name on your binder, whip through those math problems that are due tomorrow.
In drawings that seem as impromptu as doodles , he banished imagery as well as traditional graphic gesture.
Likewise, the designers of tomorrow are all around us – in our schools, our churches, or up in their bedrooms, lost in their own worlds of sketches and doodles .
They showed the same concern with graffiti, T-shirt designs, doe-eyed cartoon figures, cute toys, robots and illustrations based on whimsical doodles .
It might be helpful if you would consider keeping a journal of your thoughts and feelings, or saving yourdoodles and sketches for me to look at.
Memories of my years as a childhood doodler resurface from time to time.
In each piece, he combines and stacks images much as one would do when doodling in the margins of notebook.
At a certain point I determined that pretty much everything I was thinking about was pretty unadventurous and everyone knew it already so I kind of left my sketches and doodles aside and only fiddled with them when no one was looking.
They weren’t bad, but struck me as doodles , sketch book observations that have their own merit but lack a certain oomph.
‘The ways of plain folk,’ he says, ‘is rich material for doodlers like me.’
Illustrated by photographs, this part renders an endearing picture of the artist, illuminated by notes from his personal journal and his first sketches and doodles .
So I sat at my desk and doodled a couple of pictures.
Feeling kind of bored I pulled a pen out of my backpack and began doodling a little star on the inside of my wrist.
He stared down at the pages filled with notes, the margins empty of any sort of drawings or doodles .
I picked up a pen and started doodling absently on notebook paper.
I was actually doodling in the margins of my paper and writing.
Many are illustrated with sketches and doodles .
But about two-thirds of this book is filler, page after page of mildly amusing caricatures of political figures, doodles and sketches.
In animation, ideas start with doodles and you arrive at visually interesting things that way.
She said: ‘I am delighted with the response I received, from simple doodles and sketches to more elaborate paintings.’
Apparently, science just wasn’t his thing, because he was scribbling and doodling all over the front page of his science book.
Sometimes these successful strategies are easily observable from their outcomes: a person may have a gift of fluent ease in a social situation, or be a creative doodler , or demonstrate wit.
As part of the leaving festivities, she privately published and presented to her colleagues a book of sketches and doodles made during the many faculty meetings she was obliged to attend.
But a collection of doodles , sketches and self-portraits by more than 40 celebrities are proving to be a big draw in Salford.
In the notebook were pretty drawings, simple little doodles of simple little joys.
Ever since then, I was always doodling in the margins of my papers or in spare notebooks.
The blue bags of classified memos, records, reports, executive doodles , and whatever are dumped into the back of the truck, where a growling metal contraption devours a half-ton of paper an hour.
I go back to doodling mini cheerleaders on my notepad.
Because she’s not directly in front of me, I can see that’s she’s doodling something in her notebook.
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