Terjemahan dari toothsome
good, tasty, delicious, nice, comfortable, toothsome
delicious, tasty, yummy, delectable, succulent, toothsome
yg menggiurkan
seductive, tantalizing, sexy, tempting, toothsome, voluptuous
yg menyenangkan
likable, sightly, pleasant, likeable, pleasing, toothsome
Definisi toothsome
(of food) temptingly tasty.
a toothsome morsel
sinonim: tasty, delicious, luscious, mouthwatering, delectable, succulent, tempting, appetizing, inviting, scrumptious, yummy, nummy, finger-licking, melt-in-your-mouth, lip-smacking
  • tasty, delicious, luscious, mouthwatering, delectable, succulent, tempting, appetizing, inviting,scrumptious, yummy, nummy, finger-licking, melt-in-your-mouth, lip-smacking
  • juicy, luscious, voluptuous, red-hot
  • palatable
  • luscious, pleasant-tasting, delectable, yummy, scrumptious, delicious
Lebih sedikit sinonim
When not off diving in his red, white and blue skin or modeling women’s tropical wear, this Prince of Pulled Pork serves up the most toothsome barbecue in the Kill Devil Hills, NC environs.
At the other end of the spectrum, Steve puts romance so much ahead of his work as a journalist that he gets sent to Paris to put some distance between him and his boss’s toothsome wife.
My thoughts and ramblings were put on hold as the toothsome scent of bacon and omelets (the mystery goo in the basin) filtered into my room, permeating throughout the air and reaching my nostrils.
In the end, she says, it all comes down to ingredients and she is pleased that it is getting easier to source toothsome , fresh ingredients.
Their daily highlights given to it by B4U which had acquired the rights, were part-anchored by thetoothsome Annie.
In the bar, the waiter brings some toothsome little baby pizzas to eat.
Cheek on the grains after 15 minutes of cooking, then keep checking every. 10 minutes or so until the grains achieve the desired toothsome texture.
The sweet potato pudding, which looks like a slice of pie, barely tastes like dessert: served warm, it had a toothsome texture and dominant ginger flavour, but little sweetness.
Little piped whirls of mashed potato, and crunchy steamed broccoli, carrots and mange tout, alltoothsome and delicious.
Now he produces toothsome truffles, made-to-order creations such as a chocolate lorry for a 60-year-old juggernaut driver, from his aromatic premises Monk Bar Chocolatiers in Goodramgate, York.
This could be the most handsome and toothsome Shakespearean cast I have ever seen.
This paste is then mixed with fish and cooked and wrapped in a banana leaf, affording a nourishing andtoothsome dish.
You only have until Tuesday to grab the last of this toothsome Aussie white, which delivers lots of mouthwateringly zesty tropical fruit that oozes with juicy melon and vanilla style.
As seen in some rather toothsome chicken livers, the cooking can sometimes be vigorous rather than finely tuned, though the constituents are of uniform high quality (the fish, for example, is supplied by the venerated Corrigan’s).
The comfort of a warm bowl, the scent billowing from a savory sauce, and the toothsome bite of perfectly cooked pasta-there’s nothing like it.
An oversized dollop of just-right gnocchi – the potato nubs possess toothsome heft instead of overcooked chewiness – melds tastefully with a tossing of skinny, nutty, yellow foot chanterelles in rich truffle cream sauce.
Shrimp aside though, it was a rather toothsome soup; the broth in particular held the balance between sweet and savoury very satisfactorily.
So what is it that Milene likes about the toothsome millionaire Ronaldo?
Cholly was to play his toothsome , verdant secretary who was, quiet bluntly, very dim.
Efficient it may be from an economic point of view, but it not only gets in the way of Daltrey’s relationship with the toothsome Maddy: it threatens to leave him dead.
It was uncomplicated to prepare and surprisingly toothsome to a die-hard meat muncher.
He serves it on a toothsome , melt-in-the-mouth compote of beetroot, red onion and red cabbage, delicately flavoured with a hint of caraway and possibly cumin seed.
The half-moons of supple dough encase toothsome cabbage and mushroom, cheese and potato, or meat fillings; order the combination plate to cover all four food groups.
There was Macca, all apparently blond and toothsome , but the showers after training revealed his natural hair colour was ginger.
The Hippie déconfit was a hearty, toothsome choice, almost a mini-buffet of veggie pâté, guacamole, slices of white cheddar and a tomato coulis.
The bulging menu is simple but varied and especially good for seafood lovers with a choice of five prawn dishes, a toothsome crayfish pasta and numerous oyster and scallop offerings.
The pizza itself was pretty good: a substantial but not doughy malted wheat base, plenty of tomato sauce, enough cheese to be savoury and toothsome but not to make the whole thing sag.
Smoked salmon also works, though it lacks the toothsomeness of scallops, which marry perfectly with the crunchy endives.
Breast of duck comes with a toothsomely rich sauce that lifts the meat to new heights.
My oldest sister Hepsibah stood guard over the bean pots to make sure the pork was on top for its final browning, which is one reason for the toothsomeness of the bean as cooked in our family.



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