Terjemahan dari precise
right, appropriate, proper, exact, precise, correct
exact, precise, literal, plumb
thorough, careful, conscientious, rigorous, precise, accurate
thorough, accurate, precise, painstaking, thoroughgoing, scrupulous
fit, fitted, exact, precise, true, close-fitting
Definisi precise
marked by exactness and accuracy of expression or detail.
precise directions
sinonim: exact, accurate, correct, specific, detailed, explicit, unambiguous, definite
  • exact, accurate, correct, specific, detailed, explicit, unambiguous, definite
  • exact, particular, very, specific
  • meticulous, careful, exact, scrupulous, punctilious, conscientious, particular, methodical,strict, rigorous
  • exact, accurate
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It sold the company in March for so little it did not have to disclose the precise figure.
Once again – at this precise moment – young Michael runs forward and pipes up.
Les was meticulous and precise , particularly in his use of English.
We are now sanitized and correct, factual and precise , but tragically bereft of relationship.
Write in a precise , clear style and stick to the point, only including relevant information.
Get precise directions if you are picking up a hire car at the airport.
He was very precise when it came to how much of what his animals ate.
The keystones of the arches bear inscriptions indicating their precise location within the structure.
She was precise , logical, the possessor of the uncluttered desk and uncluttered mind.
Tomb paintings illustrate wine production amply, although the precise details are not always clear.
Of course it was dramatic at this precise moment, but it wouldn’t last long, and then we’d just put it down as a bad experience.
Mr Justice Jack was very clear and precise in his judgement saying the council’s decision was right and lawful.
Christopher is a slender and precise man in a collarless shirt and very pressed trousers.
His father left, letting go of the door at the precise moment to let it fall quietly shut.
Whatever its precise direction, economic reconstruction was an urgent priority.
Although it may seem obvious what rock is, formulating a precise definition is not straightforward.
How can a bird with such a small brain remember the precise locations of so many food caches?
At the press conference announcing his decision to join Vinayan’s new film, he was precise and clear.
He’s gritty, he’s precise and, perhaps most importantly, he’s not doing this for the love of it.
Asked if either of those substances were relevant to the treatment of colic his answer is precise and unequivocal.
It also requires that any interference with freedom of expression must be precise enough that it can be understood.
What exactly they were doing at that precise location and time?
Obviously his portraits involved precise observation, but the settings tend to be spectral.
Again the desire to express and evoke tender, inner feelings was hampered by precise , clear action.
If I chose that way and was extremely unlucky, it might crash down at that precise moment, killing me inconveniently.
On the short holes he is deadly precise and it is very rarely that one hears that he has strayed from the green with his tee shot.
No precise moment can be specified; like much else in medicine it will be a matter of judgment.
Sharp questions about precise value for money, given all the additional billions, were also hard to answer.
It is to be understood that the precise location of the new station has been decided and that the designs have been finalised.
Anyone having a florid imagination or a tendency to exaggerate is less likely to be a reliable witness than one who is precise and careful.
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