Terjemahan dari combative
aggressive, combative, militant
combatant, combative
yg bertempur
combatant, combative
Definisi combative
ready or eager to fight; pugnacious.
he made some enemies with his combative style
sinonim: pugnacious, aggressive, antagonistic, quarrelsome, argumentative, contentious, hostile, truculent, belligerent, bellicose, militant, spoiling for a fight
  • pugnacious, aggressive, antagonistic, quarrelsome, argumentative, contentious, hostile,truculent, belligerent, bellicose, militant, spoiling for a fight
  • agonistic, agonistical
  • disputatious, contentious, litigious
  • bellicose
Lebih sedikit sinonim
The focus is on those people actually taking part in hostilities in a combative role.
He shows wonderful energy, putting himself all over the field to combative purpose, and he passes the ball well enough.
Criticising the work of such a combative figure is hardly a low-risk occupation.
At times she is combative , at times submissive, according to the situation and her state of mind.
While this received plenty of laughs, the combative chairman was not amused as will be revealed later.
Then again, are the police trained to handle such cases that are obviously combative but also sensitive?
This combative style is not surprising given her background.
Some families are more combative than others and, yes, it’s normal for siblings to fight.
In that combative battlefield there seems to be no middle ground, just the immovable solidarity of two irreconcilable forces.
Even many who sympathize with his concerns find his combative style haughty and unforgiving.
To label as combative this epic standoff from this morning’s show would be to understate the man’s pugilistic expertise.
Correction must be firm enough for the dog to want to work to avoid it but not aggressive or combative.
To prove his point, the combative attorney general played a familiar Washington game.
Political life is a combative life, with positions being tested and retested before they’re taken out into the world.
They were very combative , and very competitive internally and externally.
Now 27, his combative style has become crucial to Leeds United’s title challenge.
Although combative in his ideas, he was the opposite of an ideological monomaniac.
Footwear is in a seductive and strangely combative mood this season.
I like the combative side and I enjoy a challenge but I’m a genuine player.
If you said something combative , the person you spoke to is probably less than thrilled.
It also ensures that inveterate political opponents have a reliable forum in which they can engage safely and combatively with each other.
His customary combativeness in print hasn’t mellowed much, mind you.
Its combativeness , its hostility to everything it perceives as a threat, works against it here.
Natural combativeness , an innate immunity to being cowed by the biggest names or the biggest occasions in football, is obviously a vital part of the equipment he carries on to the field.
He responded combatively in classical Hebrew, a language alien to the church.
Age may have withered his speed, but his combativeness remains undimmed.
But, in the end, the combativeness that stood him in such good stead as a politician cost him the job he loves, leaving him both personally and professionally bereft.
Interestingly, the first season puts a strong focus on the relationship between father Howard and son Ritchie, the two working cooperatively and sometimes combatively through the ups and downs of teenage life.
This is followed by a narrative poem which combatively asserts the central role played by women (Eve, the Virgin Mary, Pilate’s wife, the daughters of Jerusalem) in the Christian tradition.
The film is modestly and precisely made, but combatively , with genuine and not contrived feeling.



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