Terjemahan dari throng
throng, huddle
orang banyak
crowd, multitude, throng, horde, plurality, host
throng, crowd, group
orang gerombolan
jumlah besar
bulk, quantity, vast, multiplicity, reams, throng
stuff, fill, throng
meet, fulfill, satisfy, comply, cater, throng
yg berkerumun
congregate, throng
penuh sesak
crowded, packed, flush, tight, throng, top-full
sesak padat
crowded, flush, tight, throng, packed, top-full
busy, occupied, engaged, lively, concerned, throng
Definisi throng
a large, densely packed crowd of people or animals.
he pushed his way through the throng
sinonim: crowd, horde, mass, multitude, host, army, herd, flock, drove, swarm, mob, sea, troop, pack, crush, collection, company, gathering, assembly, congregation, gaggle, bunch, gang
(of a crowd) fill or be present in (a place or area).
a crowd thronged the station
sinonim: crowd, cluster, mill, swarm, surge, congregate, gather
  • crowd, horde, mass, multitude, host, army, herd, flock, drove, swarm, mob, sea, troop, pack,crush, collection, company, gathering, assembly, congregation, gaggle, bunch, gang
  • concourse, multitude
  • flock, stream, swarm, troop, pour in
  • crowd, cluster, mill, swarm, surge, congregate, gather
  • jam, pile, pack, mob
Lebih sedikit sinonim
he pushed his way through the throng
Not surprisingly, all these outlets are swarming with customers who throng from different parts of city.
The band launches in to their first song and the crowd is a throng of jumping bodies.
he pushed his way through the throng
Baharum said checking hotel guest lists is a precautionary measure as many foreign tourists throng to the Golden Triangle.
Becker’s testimony, given in German, was carried live on German television and a throng of journalists packed the courthouse for the proceedings.
a throng of birds
The throng of densely packed humanity forced us to ward off those next to us, and the disregard for others spread like an infection.
Three hours before game time, a throng of reporters packed the space as if it were backstage at a Springsteen concert.
A Michael Stewart free-kick saw the youngster stick out his foot to direct the ball through a throng of bodies and into Alistair Brown’s net.
Happy inhabitants throng with tourists, all very convivial.
This recommendation would not go down well with most tourists who throng to the hills in summer and the plains in winter.
He said the absence of the communication facility had left the breathtakingly beautiful area undiscovered for tourists who could throng here if there was an easy communication link.
A throng of cheering fans gathered outside for hours just to catch a glimpse of their hero and 60 guests stayed at the hotel overnight to see him.
A throng of supporters, packed around the boxing ring, pushes forward straining to see the fight.
He headed to nearby Ford Field, Lansing, Michigan, where a throng of press had gathered for the arrival.
a throng of birds
Last Saturday night the Riverbank Arts Centre was thronged with talent and supporters for the Kildare Youth Theatre Talent Competition.
Whether Times Square is worth visiting depends on how you feel about being forced along with throngsof crowds to see streets full of kitschy souvenir shops and neon signs crammed into every corner.
Large throngs of protestors soon gathered and rallied in Edison.
There are no perspiring throngs of Brits packing suffocating beaches.
Great crowds thronged the town over the weekend including several visitors.
For the crowds thronging the place more to see the complex than to watch movies, it’s an enjoyable experience.
The thousands of walkers in Pattaya received an enthusiastic reception from the crowds that throngedthe sidewalks and packed the vantage points.
York’s historic streets received a pounding as throngs of sightseers packed into the city’s snickleways and parks to enjoy the holiday atmosphere.
Politicians, journalists, tourists, and other drivers were thronging around them, everyone talking at once, but Sam tuned them all out as if they never existed.
They thronged to his office so as to kiss his hand and receive blessings before returning to their chanting.
We made our way through the throngs of pilgrims gathered about the sanctuary to be healed.
Meanwhile, traumatised survivors are thronging to mosques and the few psychiatric wards as they try to grapple with the mental shocks of Kashmir’s devastating earthquake.
The place was thronged with people, all quietly enjoying the moment.



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