Terjemahan dari barn
barn, shed
gudang gandum
Definisi barn
a large farm building used for storing grain, hay, or straw or for housing livestock.
Also within the wall would have been a well, latrines, a chapel, workshops, barns , pens for livestock, hen houses and perhaps other outbuildings.
sinonim: outbuilding, shed, cowshed, shelter, bank barn, stable, stall, outhouse, grange, garner
a unit of area, 10 –28 square meters, used especially in particle physics.
While the barn is not an SI unit, it is accepted (although discouraged) for use with the SI.
outbuilding, shed, cowshed, shelter, bank barn, stable, stall, outhouse, grange, garner
The traditional farm buildings are located behind the farmhouse and include a bothy, stores, barn and livestock accommodation.
While the barn is not an SI unit, it is accepted (although discouraged) for use with the SI.
The barn is typically used to measure the cross section for nuclear reactions.
If you’re not enlightened, Savemart is this big second-hand barn of a store nestled in the industrial sprawl of northern Te Rapa.
ALL Santa wants for Christmas is a new barn , shed or stable for his sleigh.
a great barn of a pub
He had a whole room of metal-working equipment, a room full of wood-working equipment, and this huge barn of a room for electronics.
barn door
Borley Rectory, a rambling, ramshackle Victorian barn of a house, sprawled on an Essex hillside, had little to offer.
stone-built barn
We remodeled part of a barn on Colin’s farm into a wire-floored nursery with pull-plug flush gutters and an outside pit.
It is understood that she was working in a hay barn when two large straw bales fell from a stack onto her.
Build your ideal garage, coach house style car barn , workshop or storage barn with these blueprints
Anyway from what I know, it’ll probably be a cross between my friends barn and the show barn of a stable I used to board at.
One barn featured rapid transit cars that were awaiting some restoration.
The Palestra is a fantastic old barn of a basketball arena.
moved into that barn of a house
I will never return to this barn of a restaurant, and would frankly rather eat roaches.
It was a great barn of a place with a cement floor, fibreboard partitions and windows only at the extreme river end.
The reference is to the enormous gray barn of a food market covering 125000 square feet on Route 1 in Norwalk.
They wandered up and down the same stretch of dusty white road, attended the same church and the same grog-shop, and slept in the same lime-washed barn of a barrack for two long years.
I ran into the first barn of a tavern I could reach.
London’s Olympia exhibition hall is a vast barn of a place, home for everything from sporting events to antiques fairs.
He confirmed that his prior letter requesting permission for a barn and livestock was ‘inaccurate’.
At that time it was a conventional row-crop farm with an unused barn and silos.
In the car barn we saw numbers 2002 through 6 in various stages of build.
My family was able to offer practical support in the shape of hospitality in our then vast barn of a place in St Andrews.
Instead of him hauling silage into the barn and manure out, the cows do it now, he says.
An enclosed stone-built courtyard houses a range of farm buildings, a hay barn and a secure workshop.
A small main house sat in front of a larger feed shed, a tool shed, and a pair of large barns emitting intermittent livestock noises.



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