Terjemahan dari tangible
real, tangible, obvious, apparent, noticeable, evident
clear, obvious, evident, plain, vivid, tangible
bright, light, clear, candid, luminous, tangible
tangible, concrete, substantial
yg dpt diraba
palpable, tactual, tangible, touchable
Definisi tangible
perceptible by touch.
the atmosphere of neglect and abandonment was almost tangible
a thing that is perceptible by touch.
Even in the straight world of economics, where production and tangibles were once central, indices of happiness, creativity and other non-material values have taken centre stage.
  • touchable, palpable, material, physical, real, substantial, corporeal, solid, concrete, visible,noticeable, actual, definite, clear, clear-cut, distinct, manifest, evident, unmistakable,perceptible, discernible
  • palpable
  • touchable
  • real
Lebih sedikit sinonim
That feeling of heaven, that bliss, had disappeared, leaving an almost tangible sense of absence.
Maybe one day he will understand that there are real and tangible consequences to mistakes.
In any broken place there rests tangible evidence of those who came before us and in touching what they left, we can for a time touch them.
The speedscope is not capable of producing a visible, tangible record as is envisaged in the legislation.
His characters cover a wide range of ages, but each has one thing in common: an almost tangiblequality.
In each of these popular histories, the salt tang of the sea is almost tangible .
The long, dreadful silence that followed was almost tangible .
Could it be that there was actually a real and tangible hope that we would get out of here?
The attraction between us was almost tangible , electricity visible to the naked eye.
Her voice broke the humming silence, almost tangible barrier between them.
The buzz has been almost tangible as the first match of the Six Nations gets closer.
He was a tangible threat each and every time he touched the ball.
Being labeled hypocrites is a price worth paying if it yields tangible results in the real world.
Was it the promise of the almost tangible chemistry between the two?
These priority projects are real, tangible evidence of the company’s work.
I was on the London Tube the day after the July 7 attacks, and the fear of another attack was almosttangible .
I was in Oxford Street later in the evening and I can report that the hysteria in the air was almosttangible .
This is not quite a brutish indifference to everything beyond the tangible .
There comes a point in making a new garden when a sudden transformation happens and what was a wasteland becomes a visible, tangible garden.
It’s a visible, tangible side effect of matter changing form – it’s one part of a chemical reaction.
He carries that sorrow with him now, just under the surface, almost tangible .
The result will be a thorough, intelligent market research study that is likely to yield tangible results.
So, many are putting their cash into tangible assets such as real estate and gold.
To achieve tangible results, command personnel will also require training in the field of criminology.
People here will see this as a small but feasible and tangible antidote to perceptions that the country is the enemy of the rest of the world.
He was a tall man with grey hair and a long mustache, with an almost tangible aura of power about him that didn’t fit the role of a waiter.
Resources are tangible , visible, and relatively easy to measure.
As a society we are far too preoccupied with measuring things in terms of tangible commercial results.
She held me tightly while I cried, never saying a word, and the sheer strength of her love was almosttangible .
A triumph for him would allow him benefits that extend way beyond the tangible .



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