Terjemahan dari supreme
top, supreme, higher, peak, paramount, sublime
superior, excellent, prime, eminent, supreme, distinguished
foremost, paramount, principal, leading, chief, supreme
paling berkuasa
predominant, supreme, paramount
Definisi supreme
(of authority or an office, or someone holding it) superior to all others.
a unified force with a supreme commander
sinonim: highest ranking, chief, head, top, foremost, principal, superior, premier, first, prime, greatest, dominant, predominant, preeminent
a rich cream sauce.
  • highest ranking, chief, head, top, foremost, principal, superior, premier, first, prime, greatest,dominant, predominant, preeminent
  • extraordinary, remarkable, incredible, phenomenal, rare, exceptional, outstanding, great,incomparable, unparalleled, peerless
  • ultimate, final, last, utmost, extreme, greatest, highest
  • sovereign
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Believe in One Supreme God
The underdogs reigned supreme as stars succumbed to fatigue
By the mid-’60s, however, a different type of oppression reigned supreme .
Only Sir William Wallace demonstrated a single-minded resistance to English rule, for which he paid thesupreme penalty in 1305.
The boyars and their fortified towns submitted to Samuil’s supreme authority.
All were open, written, sovereign authorizations by supreme authorities, and all employed a common medieval legal formula and language.
Most traditional African religions believe in one supreme being who acts through spirits and ancestors.
I think the Supreme Court, and indeed the Indian constitution, should be the supreme authority over interpretation of laws.
We want to pay our tribute to those loved ones, those departed individuals who made the supremesacrifice here on the basis of their opinions about how this thing ought to be handled.
Coaches and athletes, some of them interviewed anonymously, say that after one supreme national effort, the hothouse intensity of the Chinese way will not survive the 2008 games.
The players put in a supreme effort and all the mentors and club members can be justly proud of their achievements.
He worked on productions with supreme confidence and authority.
I’ve always found it a matter of supreme irony that she shares my name.
There are two powers, young man, which reign supreme in human affairs.
Rochdale’s engineers made a supreme effort to help fight the war.
It’s a mighty piece of work and you should appreciate the supreme effort it’s going to take you to get a copy of this because it is truly worth it.
The federal courts have long recognized that when it comes to waging war, the President, not Congress or the courts, is the supreme authority.
The final third of the book is concerned with Ike’s service as supreme commander.
By a supreme irony, Pentheus is destroyed by the very qualities he denies.
In the individual female competition, the Russian school, with its trademark artistry and excellent choreography, again reigned supreme .
It was also entirely possible, although I don’t recall, that the president would also have to put his signature on a document as the supreme authority in the Niger regime.
He takes along two companions – and from their heroic stance, we know, some of them are to make thesupreme sacrifice soon.
The recipient summoned up the strength to write it down, even though it cost a supreme effort.
As long as the belief in progress reigned supreme people could not see this fallacy in the theory of evolution by natural selection.
They would want to send more young men and women to make the supreme sacrifice.
The 1945 Constitution stipulates that the President holds supreme authority over the Army, Navy and Air Force.
He retired as supreme commander of the German armed forces in 1911, but re-entered the army in 1914.
She was making the supreme sacrifice of her life.
The concept of sovereignty – that national governments exercise supreme authority within their own borders – is the bedrock of global order.
Picture the world of the 1980s, a world where Reagan and anti-communist propaganda reignedsupreme .
What is there to say to the anguished mother who asks why her child’s death wasn’t important enough to warrant the supreme penalty?
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