false, counterfeit, bogus, spurious, phony, sham
artificial, counterfeit, semblant, dummy, simulated, spurious
spurious, false, phony, phoney, faithless
The IIF estimates that fraudulent and spurious claims will cost insurers at least €100 million this year but policy holders will pick up the tab in increased premiums.
‘Our proposal was rejected as impractical but it’s a spurious argument and we’ve never been given any real reasons why it wouldn’t work,’ he said.
The reason for the protest was spurious for several reasons.
I could find all sorts of spurious reasons why I needed to continue smoking.
Unfortunately, some creationists have also fallen for this spurious line of reasoning.
For a variety of spurious reasons, our network is being changed.
All claims to objectivity become spurious and illusory.
Magistrates will come down on the side of the tenant for the most spurious reasons.
Such blunt legislation will provide people and organisations with the means to bring spurious lawsuits against those they have a reason to dislike.
Many of the survivors there expressed anger that the media routinely questioned the veracity of survivor testimony on the basis of spurious reasoning and apparent prejudice.
It is very easy, I think, for the Government to bring up some basically extremely spurious reasons why this moratorium should be continued, but there is no logic to it.
Predictions based upon the fact that bear markets only end when shares reach a certain valuation level are equally spurious .
The spurious claims that this was the work of dissidents does not tally with the facts.
Market pundits will come up with all sort of spurious reasons why shares may or may not continue to climb.
Where is the evidence on which the writer bases such spurious claims?
It is what it is, and it’s best not to invent spurious reasons to discard evidence just because you don’t like it.
Regardless of your feelings toward this particular company, you must know your line of reasoning isspurious at best.
Many in the press predicted that the FDA’s actions would open the floodgates to a torrent of spuriousclaims.
That amendment would penalise drug companies if they lodged spurious patent claims designed to prevent cheap generic drugs entering the market.
The husband’s adultery…may give him a spurious son, by some wanton, on whom he lavishes the patrimony of his legitimate sons.
Subsequent investigation revealed that these claims were spurious .
No wonder they generate so many spurious results that are never replicated.
Nina Fishman also gives ground to the myth that the 1970s were a time when unions had too much power and were constantly going on strike for spurious reasons.
This extensive and thorough body of work, he pointed out, has been totally ignored by psychologists, who use the tired old standards and as a result obtain spurious results.
It is even conducting a survey, for the most spurious of reasons, of voluntary health organisations, asking them about their links to pharmaceutical companies.
This argument about the cost – that the benefit will be only to the wealthy – is therefore spurious , totally false, and a diversion.
This country does have certain quirky export bans, for very spurious reasons, and we would be aghast if the intention is to use this legislation to extend those sorts of controls.
I agree that there are cases where people who would genuinely be good adopters seem to be turned down for rather spurious reasons – age, race, or social class.
He also said the industry’s claims that tourism would be unaffected were as spurious as its claims about property prices.
And what is worse, they use their learning to invent spurious reasons for non-payment of the tax.



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