Terjemahan dari sordid
nasty, sordid, improper, bawdy, immoral, filthy
dirty, filthy, gross, grubby, soiled, sordid
vile, nasty, vicious, despicable, wicked, sordid
despicable, abject, contemptible, lowly, humble, sordid
dirty, slovenly, squalid, shabby, grubby, sordid
poor, impoverished, needy, destitute, impecunious, sordid
Definisi sordid
involving ignoble actions and motives; arousing moral distaste and contempt.
the story paints a sordid picture of bribes and scams
sinonim: sleazy, dirty, seedy, seamy, unsavory, tawdry, cheap, debased, degenerate, dishonorable, disreputable, discreditable, contemptible, ignominious, shameful, abhorrent
  • sleazy, dirty, seedy, seamy, unsavory, tawdry, cheap, debased, degenerate, dishonorable,disreputable, discreditable, contemptible, ignominious, shameful, abhorrent
  • squalid, slummy, insalubrious, dirty, filthy, foul, mucky, grimy, shabby, messy, soiled,scummy, unclean, cruddy, grungy, crummy, scuzzy, skeevy
  • seedy, squalid, sleazy, seamy
  • squalid, flyblown
  • dirty
Lebih sedikit sinonim
The Dutroux case, which uncovered a sordid picture of judicial and political corruption, implicated the highest levels of Belgian society.
The law must contemplate the full and often sordid scope of social reality.
But rather, you should introduce some fair and noble impression to replace it, and banish this base andsordid one.
They say that every picture tells a story, and I’d say this picture tells a sordid one.
But you’ll bristle at the wasted resources and moral compromises involved in the whole sordid mess.
After 18 months of complaining to various authorities and writing to the Craven Herald, the town hall entrance is still filthy and sordid .
Seen as sleazy and sordid , his early, no-budget films are in fact my favourite in his oeuvre.
But together they present a sordid picture of a man who used his status as a minor celebrity to seduce a bevy of women, often in unsavoury circumstances.
Another motive, the sordid one, is the craving for gossip, particularly the naughty kind.
Add to that you have the tax dodge of offshore accounts and you have a rather sordid picture.
Fortunately for him, he will not be contemplating his sad and sordid crime from the inside of a prison cell.
At present you spend your lives in sordid labour, your abode in filthy slums; your children hunger and your masters say your slavery must endure forever.
Despite this sordid picture, the leadership of DC 37 voted last week against direct elections by the members of top union officers.
Bianchi is at his best when he delivers his seedy, sordid lyrics in a blank, innocent voice.
It is about the sordid deeds people’s abject ambitions ultimately lead to.
Although outsiders view the pairing as sordid and unsavoury, the couple cling together, finding solace in this unlikely romance.
This story is sordid and shameful, and everyone who was involved in producing it should be ashamed of themselves.
The bodybuilding lifestyle as portrayed by these publications is sordid and distasteful.
The second half of the film becomes darker and more convoluted as Almodóvar attempts to emulate film noir conventions and the film degenerates into sordid melodrama.
What is being revealed in this sordid spectacle is the deep-going corruption of the traditional institutions of bourgeois rule in America.
Yet their works continued to draw audiences; no matter how bizarre the plots, how filled with sordidfamily squabbles, the ghetto dwellers regarded them as a form of documentary.
After the fall of communism, part of the peace dividend that the free world enjoyed was the moral relief of being able to withdraw from such sordid partnerships.
I think what I was commenting on there was the fact that I despise sordidness and low-life, and avoided it at all costs.
He lived a secretive, closeted life, tormented by illicit desires and guilt at what he called, in one diary entry, ‘the sordidness of much of my past.’
Hsiao-kang’s compulsive attempts to escape the alienating isolation of Taipei become, then, sordidlyfutile, tinted ironically with the female’s colorless lonesomeness in Paris.
Jay and Claire, who meet rather anonymously and sordidly once a week, apparently know nothing about each other’s life.
He examines Flynn’s life frankly, but never sordidly .
After calls to 8 or 10 other producers in town, none of whom was willing to get involved with suchsordidness , Leslie told them to call me.
In the daily grind of city life, amid all the sordidness and grime, flowers never really proclaim their presence, except to the keen-eyed.
And it’s the perfect choice if you want to wallow in 80s-style sordidness



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