Terjemahan dari snazzy
sweet, cute, sugary, pretty, good, snazzy
great, superb, terrific, fabulous, wonderful, snazzy
striking, flashy, conspicuous, prominent, blatant, snazzy
menyolok mata
flagrant, tawdry, glaring, blatant, jazzy, snazzy
Definisi snazzy
stylish and attractive.
snazzy little silk dresses
As anyone who’s gotten my CDs in the past can attest to, they’re pretty cool with snazzy labels and art work.
When wearing snazzy hair accessories and crystals, it’s best to keep your face neutral.
Still, pulling on snazzy threads in the morning must be scant compensation for working in what is officially the nation’s most hated profession.
However, the CD collection is not all about snazzy games and movies.
Society had a very conservative outlook on clothing, and anyone who dared to wear snazzy dresses was looked down with contempt.
Heaps of regular folk are going to think this is snazzy , regardless of how the ‘big names’ view it?
Wearing anything snazzy just means you’re sure to be spotted.
Although most get-rich-quick schemes are as old as the hills they are dressed up with snazzy new titles that promise instant wealth.
You’ll definitely need a snazzy container to stash all the stuff you score.
It seemed a perfect combination of old classic melodies spiced with snazzy beats of new runaway hits by the college orchestra.
The restaurateur took a year off and then reopened last December in snazzy new digs on Eglinton West, a block east of Allen.
The clothes are vibrant, trendy and snazzy , just the right type for your child.
I didn’t see it, but from what I hear it’s rather snazzy , and all the necessary bells and whistles chime and peep fairly quickly.
With the snazzy new productions they have now, those vintage programs look quite primitive.
I’ll take warm human connections any day over snazzy branding and slick interior design.
Plenty of grip action on the sole section ensures that safety comes first with these snazzy , stylish shoes.
But luckily for him his pet cat has other ideas and, having equipped himself with a snazzy pair of new boots, sets out to make his masters fortune.
We scored snazzy socks, gloves, jewelry and barrettes at the dollar store to finish dressing our door doll.
It’s all very nice and snazzy , but it just doesn’t give me all the information I need on one spreadsheet, right in front of me.
And the snazzy maroon and gray hotel shuttle goes to the hospital around the corner, not the airport.
Our snazzily designed jeans with structured shapes offer a slimming silhouette that help you look hip and trendy.
The groovy crew of animated bounty hunters makes their way to the big screen, but they lose their trademark snazziness to the limp, overlong plot.
The snazziness comes from the flexibility of it.
I’ve seen her mystify and beguile audiences before with her great stage presence and all aroundsnazziness .
For Fall they are doing it in a slightly crackled distressed patent which makes it more urban and gives itsnazziness for those that find this super functional bag a tad boring.
After loading it up fairly quickly, the beginning cut scene blew me off my feet with its snazziness and funkiness.
It is snazzily styled – genuine French chic – very well equipped and extremely economical.
You also have a bunch of expenses, some of them the basic things you need to keep alive, and many of them the basic things you need to do to keep your employer happy, like dressing snazzily .
They have built a snazzily designed English Language introduction to their remarkable website.
I craned my head around the snazzily dressed Turk to peer into the deepening darkness of the temple.



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