Terjemahan dari eligible
pantas dipilih
yg dpt dipilih
eligible, electable
yg memenuhi syarat
qualifying, eligible
Definisi eligible
having the right to do or obtain something; satisfying the appropriate conditions.
customers who are eligible for discounts
sinonim: entitled, permitted, allowed, qualified, able
  • entitled, permitted, allowed, qualified, able
  • desirable, suitable, available, single, unmarried, unattached, unwed
Walsh will be eligible for the Canadian Football League draft coming up this April.
Those with prior travel on public affairs passports are not eligible for this programme.
Four or five cardinals who are eligible for the candidacy of pope could openly campaign.
After six months of being monitored, the group becomes eligible for a bank loan.
Also, the company’s restricted list of cases eligible for compensation has been abolished.
Hugh Grant is currently linked to Jemima Khan, who tops the list of the most eligible females.
To be eligible for this, they must be qualified for at least three years.
Prince William managed to stand one of the world’s most eligible women up last week when he got tied up foxhunting.
Mr Butler becomes eligible for the payout as soon as he vacates Government House.
Families buying either existing private homes or newly built properties will be eligible for the scheme.
This is subject to winners being eligible for race competition licences.
The family is poor and were eligible for free health care from the government.
Please return all club cards if you want to be eligible for a prize.
Those who have a legal case that are eligible for legal help or full legal aid will be provided with further free legal support.
In today’s society you have the situation where there are fewer and fewer eligible men and more women so what is a woman to do?
Last year’s most eligible man had to bow out because he’s all loved up now.
It is a facility where they keep the detainees who’ve been designated as eligible for trial.
We have plenty of eligible bachelors in these parts and quite a few eligible ladies too!
Frequently attending patients with five or more somatisation symptoms were eligible for the study.
The list of films eligible for next year’s Best Animated Feature Film Oscar has been announced.
Those eligible for silver or gold pins are asked to contact a committee member.
Release dates are crucial as films out this year become eligible for the 2002 Academy Awards.
A major draw will take place next month and anyone who joins in June will be eligible for all prizes.
Various eligible boys in the village were introduced to her – she showed no interest in any of them.
Last month this magazine presented a list of Scotland’s 100 most eligible women and men.
There are two conditions that must be met in order to be eligible for these new measures.
Wonderful for one so young, Noel will be eligible for that championship for two more years.
Your eligibility for benefits will depend on your joint income.
There is a lot of confusion on eligibility , collateral, financial limits and related matters.
Articles were assessed for eligibility and quality and grouped according to dosage.



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