Terjemahan dari slither
slide, glide, slither, skim, chute, rocket
creep, crawl, slither
creep, slither
slip, derail, skid, slither
sneak, slip, sneak out, ease, slither, slink away
Definisi slither
move smoothly over a surface with a twisting or oscillating motion.
I spied a baby adder slithering away
a slithering movement.
a snakelike slither across the grass
  • slide, slip, glide, wriggle, crawl, skid
  • slide
The way on from here was a slither down an inconspicuous and rather grotty looking muddy hole.
Three teams will crawl and wriggle and slither to stalk and triangulate on a small guarded bridge.
From there, it was a slow slither up the rocky path of opportunity.
The trip begins quite innocuously as a slippery slither along muddy calcite – awkward, but nothing to write home about.
A tightish slither down at the far end of Four Ways Chamber would have bought you to the same place.
A short slither down enters an attractive little chamber, known as Flowstone Chamber.
The sheen of satin, the slither of the bias cut and the jewel-like colours so loved by Tamara were perfect for the Christmas fashion issue, in a season which had embraced a more conventional glamour.
It’s only a matter of time until they begin researching once the first whispers about Santa’s non-existence slither through the school.
It was all silent until Jake, the last person walking, heard a slither .
The ship seems to slither and move as if it’s alive.
She had mastered the texture not only of skin but of fabrics, from the slither of silks to the deep tousle of thick wool and towelling and the stiff give of fine leather gloves.
What looks like oil slicks slither across the surface, multiple colors twisting over each other.
Each rock was chosen and placed very precisely so that the pace of the water would change from aslither to a surge at various points along the waterfall’s course.
a snake-like slither across the grass
a slither of bacon
Be assured that I will continue my apparent never ending cycle, struggling to push my rock up the mountain only to watch it slither and slide down after nearing the peak.
Viro heard a slither , and a hiss, and looked above; from the rafters, a furred snake hung, its tail coiled upon a rotten wooded sign, the whitish paint flecked and gone.
Creatures that slither , writhe or scuttle currently form the star attraction for visitors of all ages to the town.
If you don’t move fast, the snake will slither away.
The crawl soon gives way to a small collapse chamber where a slither through a narrow slot leads to cave of slightly more civilised proportions.
To the right at the junction, is a slither down to a pool of water.
From somewhere behind me, I heard a slight plop, a slither and then a sudden weight on my bed.
He dapples the piece with shadow, signs his name in a loose-wristed slither and slides the book forward.
The road twists vertiginously around sharp drop-offs, and nighttime is when poisonous fer-de-lance snakes slither across the road.
a snakelike slither across the grass
Then he slithered back down and made a lot of motions with his hands which Sanchen didn’t understand.
As Satan taunts Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, a snake slithers out from beneath the underbrush.
He stood up painfully and slithered across the slimy floor, slipping on the fish that had scattered from the broken boxes.
Most of the inhabitants could afford to buy extra water rations and keep plants, which they proudly displayed sprawling out of the windows and slithering up the pale, smooth walls of their homes.
Now we have a better idea where we need to make improvements, as the car was not pleasant to drive in the second half of the race, sliding and slithering on what felt like melted rubber – it gave me no chance to push as I would have liked.



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