Terjemahan dari invective
invective, abuse, damn, cursing, slang, vituperation
caci maki
scorn, abuse, invective, obscenities, insult, contumely
insult, slur, lambasting, reprimand, censure, invective
lambasting, revilement, scorn, invective, snapper, reprimand
Definisi invective
insulting, abusive, or highly critical language.
he let out a stream of invective
sinonim: abuse, insults, expletives, swear words, swearing, curses, foul language, vituperation, denunciation, censure, vilification, revilement, reproach, castigation, recrimination, tongue-lashing, trash talk, obloquy, contumely
  • abuse, insults, expletives, swear words, swearing, curses, foul language, foul language,vituperation, denunciation, censure, vilification, revilement, reproach, castigation,recrimination, tongue-lashing, trash talk, obloquy, contumely
  • vituperation, vitriol
News reaches me, however, of referees fighting back against what seems to be a tidal wave ofinvective and abuse hurled in their direction.
Both load up their arguments with gobs of personal invective , which also makes me suspicious of their arguments.
The wilful Welshman was quick to test his new manager, reacting to that substitution at The Valley with a stream of invective .
He has blown onto the scene in a torrent of invective , firing broadside after broadside at the crumbling bastions of public morality.
Coming across like a crank, or ranting and throwing around exaggerated invective , is another.
After reading your invective harangue I’ve only one question: What would you know of polite circles?
Mr Moore fired up the young crowd with a potent combination of satire, humour, invective and righteous anger.
The appointed writer for the day polishes them up with the appropriate invective and posts them.
A skillful public speaker who mixed invective with humour, he did not disappoint the crowd of about 500.
he let out a stream of invective
It didn’t help, of course, not really, but at least there were no innocent bystanders around to suffer myinvective .
She didn’t understand this so hurled another stream of invective at me.
There’s a long road ahead of us, and invective at this stage doesn’t help us in any way.
Rarely have I read a more bitter, laudably splenetic piece of invective .
Soccer worldwide makes a science of invective against match officials after any game turning decision goes against them.
he let out a stream of invective
The thing about Jo, and she’s so graceful with it, is that she gets more bile and invective than any other comic because she’s a woman.
Even the thought of it unleashes a stream of invective .
As is the custom at the Star Tribune, the editorial was long on invective and short on facts.
We’ve all hurled invective into voicemail’s dead ears as it runs through its unholy litanies.
The satire is so laden with invective and is so dense that I wish there was an annotated version of this book to read which would make it much easier to read.
John is old and waiting to die but the prospect of death hasn’t dulled his appetite for invective or his irreverence for the great and the good.
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