Terjemahan dari trench
trench, ditch, moat, gully, gutter, canal
parit perlindungan
dig, dig up, delve, excavate, probe, trench
melindungi dgn parit
Definisi trench
a long, narrow ditch.
Although the analyses were undertaken in trenches parallel to the detrital-authigenic boundary, no decrease in ages was detected within the overgrowth.
sinonim: ditch, channel, trough, excavation, furrow, rut, conduit, cut, drain, duct, waterway, watercourse, entrenchment, moat, fosse
dig a trench or trenches in (the ground).
she trenched the terrace to a depth of 6 feet
border closely on; encroach upon.
this would surely trench very far on the dignity and liberty of citizens
  • ditch, channel, trough, excavation, furrow, rut, conduit, cut, drain, duct, waterway,watercourse, entrenchment, moat, fosse
  • oceanic abyss, deep
  • entrench, impinge, encroach
  • ditch
If the plastic is buried too deep into the trench , it can’t be pulled up easily by hand, and if it’s buried too shallow, it pulls out with the wind.
dig a trench around the perimeter of the fire
This reduces repositioning time by allowing the tracks to remain parallel to the trench .
They set the asparagus roots 6 to 8 inches deep in the trench and covered the crowns with 2 inches of compost.
Waterford City Council has granted permission for the work, though the trench is in a zone of archaeological potential listed in the council’s own development plan.
This feature conceals a deep trench and a retaining wall that protect the building from errant drivers.
There’s the 16th green with a deep trench through its middle.
The current angled across the shelf and spilled in a deeper trench below.
On the floor, in the corner, is a small pit and a trench about six inches deep.
The area outside the store was like that of some deep oceanic trench .
‘The trench is not deep and is at a high point of the pass,’ he pointed out.
In Paternoster Row, near the top of the hill, it was laid in a deep trench to help reduce the gradient.
A deep trench , which was obvious to an adult, had been dug in the grassland by the defendant as part of the development.
this would surely trench very far on the dignity and liberty of citizens
This was the only way to let new trust grow across a deep trench between the erstwhile perpetrators and their victims.
In the morning there was a trench about four feet deep with perfectly straight sides that ran halfway down the block.
However, in this instance, the crew was seen throwing large plastic bags filled with garbage into a deeptrench located off Pattaya’s coastline.
We can clearly see the subducting plate boundary at least 85 km from the trench and probably much farther.
Near one of their bore-wells, there was a deep trench in which run-off flowed during the monsoon.
this would surely trench very far on the dignity and liberty of citizens
I stood in a deep trench with members of various companies waiting for the whistle to jump out and low crawl to the barbed wire.
He explained to me that there were probably about 20 or so divers in the lake, and that they explore the rocky lake bottom which apparently also includes a deep trench .
They filled the seas 400 million years ago, and perhaps a few are lurking in some deep sea trench .
The end of the trench should have a deeper area which is used to rake hot ash and embers into.
The descending mantle current tends to drag the crust down with it, forming a deep trench or piling up young mountains.
The trench should be deep enough to cover the plants’ roots and crown (the point at which roots and stem meet) and long enough to hold all the plants.
It also allows the tracks of the excavator to remain parallel to the trench for efficient repositioning.
The discovery of the ruins came after a mudslide flushed out a deep trench nearly two-kilometers long and 25-meters wide through rice fields late last month.
The trench runs roughly parallel to the west coast of Sumatra about 125 miles offshore.
There is also an observed parallel association of trenches and island arcs.



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