Terjemahan dari reverend
pastor, priest, minister, preacher, clergyman, reverend
yg terhormat
honor, reverence, reverend, honour
honored, respectable, honorable, distinguished, dear, reverend
Definisi reverend
used as a title or form of address to members of the clergy.
the Reverend Jesse Jackson
a member of the clergy.
This is the worst thing they could find to say about this gay reverend to attack him?
man of the cloth, clergyman
The preacher was a popular southern evangelic reverend who was talking about being saved.
The addition of two characters to Conan Doyle’s original story (the reverend Kerr and his ward Agnes) works well and enhances this diversity.
I think what the reverend is talking about is patent nonsense.
Well, reverend , you have definitely put your faith into action.
This is the worst thing they could find to say about this gay reverend to attack him?
I can almost hear many a reverend pastor’s groaning response.
You, reverend , you personally are hindering them.
It appears this reverend is stepping outside his usual sector.
Thank you reverend , and may God continue to bless you.
He describes the conduct of one reverend , Mr. Rigby Hopkins, whom he considers the greatest religious hypocrite.
Thanks very much, reverend , but I think I’ll stick to my earth-bound Toyota Yaris.
Also, the reverend Jan Lookingbill from Emmanuel Lutheran Church, which Rehnquist attended when he lived in Bethesda, Maryland, will also participate in that service.
The reverend Nicolas Morgan, vicar of St George’s Church in Lower Brailes, paid tribute to the hard work of villagers.
Since moving to Jerry Falwell’s home turf in Lynchburg, Va., in September, openly gay reverend Mel White and his partner, Gary Nixon, are the social butterflies of the neighborhood.
Recently, Lee-Chin was the guest of a notable Harlem Baptist reverend who told him that natives there were being displaced as a result of the middle classes moving in and the consequent gentrification of Harlem.
No more scriptures, reverend , and no more discussions about my supposed duties.
He was a black Anglican reverend who was gay, but not openly gay, but everyone knows he’s gay.
One American reverend has established a group for families of servicemen.
I’m sorry, reverend abbot, I mean no disrespect.
Since that seems obvious, though, reverend , what’s the point in prolonging the race?
And I wanted to tell John Clay before he made my appointment with you, reverend abbot.
This time he was answering questions from attorneys representing people who claim they were sexually abused by reverend Paul Shanley.
‘Thank you Reverend Mother!’ replied Miri, flushing at the commendation.
The services will be conducted there by a number of various reverends , including one that Chief Rehnquist was very close to.
‘The Reverend Mother has a lot of lines,’ she said.
And there’s no doubt that the good Reverend certainly lead by example.
Now, you would think that the Reverend , being a reverend and all, would have castigated Adam for his unholy alliance with MaryAnn, but he didn’t.
All the big men shop here, from reverends to rappers, the Eagles and their rotund coach, a few extra-large Sixers, visiting players and others from the super-wealthy set.
Yes, there’s been a little help from the Reverend Al Green but don’t hold that against me.
The school will be blessed by Right Reverend Mons. Francis V. Lynn P.P. V.G. representing Most Reverend Dr. John Fleming, Bishop of Killala.



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