Terjemahan dari ravine
gap, ravine, gorge, cliff, chasm, brink
canyon, ravine, precipice, chasm, hope
echo, resonance, reverberation, hole, ravine
headman, groove, ravine
Definisi ravine
a deep, narrow gorge with steep sides.
I can hide from the patrols, using ravines and deep gorges.
sinonim: gorge, canyon, gully, couloir, chasm, abyss, gulf, gulch, coulee
gorge, canyon, gully, couloir, chasm, abyss, gulf, gulch, coulee
Within the space of a few minutes, I was at the river edge in the bottom of a deep ravine .
The area where the accident happened is a narrow ravine behind Buckden village where there are a number of waterfalls.
When no gunshots followed, he continued to roll down the side of a ravine towards the swollen river below.
As they crested the hill, Paragon saw that this side of the ravine was not so steep.
Some of the cracks were small, yet some were very large, like a ravine or a gorge.
The plane had skidded into a ravine in a wooded area off Highway 401, the busiest freeway in Canada.
From the volcanoes, scores of streams race through the jungle down deep ravines .
Washington in this area is quite hilly and Rock Creek Park has some very steep ravines .
I can hide from the patrols, using ravines and deep gorges.
The island is crumpled by mountains and creased by deep ravines just begging to be explored.
It can be detected in the deep boulder-strewn ravines that cut across the moors.
On either side of the mountains, there were ravines .
More-over it is divided by long traces of waterfall and steep ravines and there are slithery slopes of shale.
Glaciers from this great mass of ice extend through mountain valleys and ravines to reach coastline fjords at many points.
However, the gorges and ravines were breathtaking.
They sit beside every road junction, crown every hilltop, lie deep in the bottom of the island’s wildestravines .
Steep hills, mountains, and ravines with narrow areas of flat terrain characterize the interior.
But the holes soon become bracketed by trees and tumble down side slopes, across ravines and up hills.
You can hike ravines like Emma Gorge, arriving at a circular pool fed by waters plunging over a high cliff.
Its capital is the pretty little city, also called Luxembourg, which is surrounded on three sides byravines .



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