Terjemahan dari laconic
brief, shorter, concise, curt, succinct, laconic
concise, brief, summary, succinct, condensed, laconic
short, low, terse, curt, lapidary, laconic
Definisi laconic
(of a person, speech, or style of writing) using very few words.
his laconic reply suggested a lack of interest in the topic
sinonim: brief, concise, terse, succinct, short, pithy; taciturn, uncommunicative, reticent, quiet, reserved, silent, unforthcoming, brief
  • brief, concise, terse, succinct, short, pithy
  • taciturn, uncommunicative, reticent, quiet, reserved, silent, unforthcoming, brief
  • crisp, curt, terse
In contrast to the laconic style of most garage MCs, Mills rhymes in a startling, panicked yelp.
In David McPhail’s hands, George is laconic , with an embittered acceptance of an underachieving life.
He’s nothing if not honest, blunt, irascible, generous, laconic , witty and enigmatic.
The language in the book is terse and concise, almost laconic , and very much to the point.
He spoke in an unfeasibly low voice, with the lyrical and laconic speech so typical of the Jamaicans.
Wielding batons, they looked like versions of Robocop minus the laconic wit and intelligence chip.
Her beaming presence and laconic style are likeable and lifelike enough.
The dialogue, though, is chanted in a peculiarly laconic way.
Barthes’s writing has always fed controversy: its laconic pronouncements irritate those who hold other views.
The problem is likely to be, at least in part, Hilberg’s laconic style.
Ella and Joe do not remark on this departure from his usual laconic monosyllables.
This book is perhaps the best introduction to the Pali texts, with their peculiarly meticulous and laconicstyle.
Is Australia’s comic style too laconic to fit the rapid-fire style of a classic screwball?
Costner’s laconic style works for Charley, who is intended to be someone who doesn’t show a lot of emotion.
This interpretation was then bolstered by Tacitus’ dry laconic wit and Lucretius’ pagan atomism.
Brazil’s broadcasting style is calm and laconic , overlaid with a sporadic bullying streak towards the polite Beecroft.
Becky’s a laconic but never sarcastic presence in the film, commenting on Paul’s life with absolute confidence and a great deal of compassion.
Ian had a self – deprecating sense of humour, perfect comic timing and laconic delivery which never failed to puncture the pretentious.
His laconic intellect and twinkling eye will never be forgotten by those who knew him.
McCarthy did thrive on television, where his laconic , relaxed style showed off to best effect.
When asked about other brewhouses in Shanghai and whether they pose any kind of threat to The Fest, Paul simply smiles and says laconically : ‘We have Mr Gu.’
His peculiar mix of laconicism and loquaciousness means that when he talks you tend to listen closely.
‘You make your first record,’ says Goldenhorse stalwart Geoff Maddock laconically , ‘and no one knows who you are.’
Unlike traditional heroes who launch into long and passionate monologues about their integrity and the unfairness of the world, Roark does it with a disdainful, almost contemptuous taciturnity andlaconicism .
CIA bods clearly tend toward the ‘strong, silent’ type as this sentence is a model of laconism .
The principal hallmarks of Echenoz’s style are his laconism , his dry wit, and the precision with which he chooses words and images.
‘Too soon to tell,’ Zhou laconically riposted.
I like how their love expresses itself laconically and naturally in the activities of daily life and in the telling of, and listening to, stories.
In its starkness and simplicity, Dead Man returns to the crystalline laconicism of Jarmusch’s Stranger Than Paradise; and though we may sense that this saga is essentially without hope, we are still wryly bemused and frequently amused.
In the former category were the blunt epigrams of Otto Luening’s Third Short Sonata, the graceful, playful modesty of Ibert’s ‘Jeux’ and the altogether more wintry laconicism of Edison Denisov’s Four Pieces for the two instruments.



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