Terjemahan dari rant
cakap angin
scandal, slipslop, gup, rant, humbug, claptrap
cakap besar
claptrap, rant, humbug, rigmarole, ramble, skimble-skamble
omong kosong kasar
kata-kata kasar
kata-kata melambung
tout, rant
Definisi rant
a spell of ranting; a tirade.
his rants against organized religion
sinonim: tirade, diatribe, broadside, philippic
speak or shout at length in a wild, impassioned way.
she was still ranting on about the unfairness of it all
  • tirade, diatribe, broadside, philippic
  • ranting, harangue
  • fustian, blah, bombast, claptrap
  • fulminate, go on, hold forth, vociferate, sound off, spout, pontificate, bluster, declaim, shout,yell, bellow, mouth off
  • spout, jabber, rabbit on, mouth off, rave
Lebih sedikit sinonim
He embarks on a rant about a late Evening Standard critic and fiddles with his lighter to calm down.
I usually prefer to ignore his rants but this is really too much.
Do we really want a prime minister who falls back on the inflammatory language of the right-wing ranter?
For some reason he ranted on and on about the fact that they’d been promised a move to new offices, and it wouldn’t happen.
It’s hard to imagine any rocker, ranter or raver that won’t be moved by the footage of the last gig the Pistols ever played in England, a holiday benefit for the children of striking firemen.
Kitsumi ranted , walking back and forth silently and mindlessly along the sidewalk.
Josh ranted , too absorbed in his words to notice the incredulous expression his companion was wearing.
My best rants happen at these times of low motivation.
Thank you, Mr Cochrane, for publishing what many of us have ranted about within our own circles for the last few months.
One frail elderly man ranted on at length about a catalogue of mistakes on his account, some of which went back to 1939.
You’d almost think Ewen McKenzie has been reading his occasional rugby rants .
You might like to see a recent example from Michelle, a right regular little ranter .
As long as their rants were confined to forums and poorly organised rallies, no one really cared.
She couldn’t bear any more of the main character’s long-winded rants about pineapples.
Didn’t she figure out that her right-wing rants will play poorly here?
He ranted about my disregard for the law and my campaign to drive music retailers out of business.
As if concerned that his rants may appear too smug or self-important, he tempers them with spoonfuls of self-loathing.
But when these rants are offered abroad as legitimate criticisms of this country, it is a cultural crime.
Smith is not a grumpy, incomprehensible ranter .
Theodore was still ranting angrily under his breath about Matt and Lidia, but she didn’t mind.
I remember writing a letter to the editor, where I ranted about the state of literature in this country.
As it’s already been pointed out, this latest diatribe is even less logical than his previous rants .
The rest came back about an hour or so later, and we ranted about the wedding for many an hour.
I’ve ranted about this issue before, and my opinion remains unchanged.
I’ll have rants about bra shopping and other subjects later, I’m sure.
But in each of these stories (at least the ones this ranter has read), the subjects say this is not something which would work for everybody, as in these special cases the parents have split amicably and remain on good terms.
Ann and I have our differences on the issues, but I personally appreciate her psychotic rants .
This year, I’m transcribing these rants in case someone somewhere might want to read them.
Leave the room now if you’re fed up with my almost monthly rants about the impossibility of the property market in the UK.
I then got distracted by the real world and I ranted about power stations.
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