Terjemahan dari quandary
confusion, flurry, bewilderment, quandary, perplexity, puzzlement
dilemma, quandary
trouble, difficulty, hardship, adversity, distress, quandary
difficulty, trouble, hardship, distress, adversity, quandary
keadaan ragu-ragu
Definisi quandary
a state of perplexity or uncertainty over what to do in a difficult situation.
Kate is in a quandary
sinonim: predicament, plight, difficult situation, awkward situation, trouble, muddle, mess, confusion, difficulty, dilemma, mare’s nest, sticky situation, pickle, hole, stew, fix, bind, jam
  • predicament, plight, difficult situation, awkward situation, trouble, muddle, mess, confusion,difficulty, dilemma, mare’s nest, sticky situation, pickle, hole, stew, fix, bind, jam
  • predicament, plight
  • dilemma
Lebih sedikit sinonim
Jimmy Thomson was in a quandary last Wednesday night.
Year after year, however, we’d always find ourselves in a quandary .
He was in a quandary , and a lifelong friend of his suggested that he phone me.
Necessary as these changes are, they leave us in a quandary .
I was in a quandary : should I just buy this hoping it was lemongrass or should I ask the man inside if it was lemongrass first?
The depths of this understanding – which I had not at all expected – put me in a quandary .
Their descendants have been left in a quandary .
Kate is in a quandary
I find myself in a quandary of sorts and wonder if you have any advice or insights you may be able to offer a young-ish, aspiring writer of fiction for the screen.
The peasants are in a quandary : They want to kill the man, but no one is ready to take responsibility for the action.
Even the secretary at the Leader of the Opposition office is in a quandary .
This apparent dilemma is a familiar quandary in traditional epistemology.
I too would be in a quandary as to how to vote were we to have a referendum soon – just like many of the French interviewed about their voting intentions in the past few days.
Jones has found that we are currently in a quandary comparable to that of the Red Queen in Through the Looking Glass: we have to run faster and faster just to stay in the same place.
The issue of a present for Mother left me in a quandary , however.
And I think there was a real concern on the part of everyone – we were in a quandary , frankly, right from the very beginning.
In a quandary he contacted me to see if I could help find someone who could help.
A procedural approach is useful and sometimes necessary when a person is faced with a quandary or dilemma.
It is clear Equitable Life’s decision to call a halt to new business has left many policy holders in aquandary .
I’m what you’d call Old Labour and I’ll be in a quandary at the next election: how can I vote for a party that doesn’t really exist anymore?
a legal quandary
Kate was in a quandary
a legal quandary
His injury created a bit of a catching quandary since starter Brian Johnson battled knee problems in spring training.
But it has left many life assurers in a quandary , wondering whether to continue backing IFAs or enter into multi-tied agreements.
These boulders on a path near a York beauty spot have landed village leaders in a legal quandaryfollowing complaints from a disabled angler.
However, he said the family was now in a quandary .
Whenever Britain is in a royal mess over some fiendishly tricky quandary , we beseech Queen Mary for her counsel.
Yet this is the fundamental quandary of democracy: although we recognize its pitfalls, there is no real alternative to public debate.
Such drastic tactics may be warranted, according to Horne, because the current situation is putting drug agencies in a quandary .




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