You Can’t Help But Watch

The housewife is in a quandary about making a felicitous selection among the array of products. The advertisers must influence the malleable consumer, and often they do it in the most callous ways. Television offers many tangible advantages for reaching the consumer. As a result, the consumer is inundated by commercials. The advertiser knows that a television commercial is the most expedient way to reach large numbers of people. The cost for each commercial film is prodigious, but because the audience is so large, the cost per viewer is negligible. Each commercial is prepared in the most meticulous way in order to catch the attention of even the most blasé viewer and hold it until the message is through.

  • quandary – kebingungan, dilema, kesulitan
  • felicitous – sangat baik/tepat/pada tempatnya, menguntungkan
  • malleable – mudah ditundukan/dibentuk
  • callous – tanpa perasaan
  • inundated – dibanjiri, overwhelm (someone) with things or people to be dealt with.
  • expedient – bijaksana, tindakan yg membantu
  • prodigious – luar biasa, sangat banyak, menakjubkan
  • negligible – sepele, dapat diabaikan
  • meticulous – teliti, cermat sekali
  • blase – bosan, unimpressed or indifferent to something because one has experienced or seen it so often before.



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