Prevail artinya menang, menguasai
Prevail artinya berlaku
Prevail juga berarti membujuk
Prevail juga berarti merata, tersebar luas
Contoh Kalimat :

Their collective rights prevail over individual or corporate monopoly interests.

He was of course, feeling the paternal love which can prevail over all other emotions.

Its name derives from romance, the literary form in which desires and dreams prevail over everyday realities.

Your nation endured the blitz to prevail over an implacable foe.

Punjab reorganised their game on resumption and managed to prevail over their rivals.

Your voice was heard about the booking rules so let’s hope good sense and fairness will prevail over the price policy.

What is to be gained by letting egos prevail over common sense?

Will they prevail over Australia and effectively raise prices over the next five years?

it is hard for logic to prevail over emotion

I think it also possible that he has such a low opinion of her that he is determined that his opinions and views shall prevail over hers.

There are no questions, no wringing hands and no doubt that good will prevail over evil.

Abraham tries to prevail over God in the merit of having brought monotheism to the world.

While he admitted to contemplating suicide, he resolved to prevail over adversity.

it is hard for logic to prevail over emotion

There are no Lycra-clad heroes swinging to the rescue; no guarantees that good will prevail over evil.

The president was determined that the goal of winning the war prevail over all else.

Does it make sense to say that the rights of A to depasture his or her cattle shall prevail over the rights of B?

Rapoport presents this method as a means to help one to prevail over an opponent in an argument.

We can hope that change for the good will ultimately prevail over change for the bad.

You will have domestic worries and an unsettled atmosphere will prevail at home.

The better team should prevail over the course of several plays, so overtime is the way to go.

But they warned that if no rain falls within the next two months, a crisis might prevail in the area.

The councillors are optimists and we believe that the good will prevail over evil in our Garden Town.

Don’t you think that the same capitalist nature or profit motive will prevail over those countries?

The cynicism prevailing among the new generation deprives society of the inflow of fresh ideas.

If these are prevailingly formed to the side chain the CI becomes maximal.

In the same way she doesn’t quite fit with the prevailingly cool Pop platform, Drexler’s use of words in her visual art makes for an awkward, if strikingly effective, amalgam.

Everything feels dinky and a certain pre-war atmosphere prevails as we huddle inside, watching the rain lash at the portholes.

I have helped all kinds of disabled persons to set up telephone booths, prevailing upon the BSNL.

Set in a college situation, the fiery hero does not fall for the glances of the heroine, right from the start to the end and, instead, prevails upon the heroine to identify her priorities right.



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