real, tangible, obvious, apparent, noticeable, ostensible
pretended, affected, assumed, seeming, mock, ostensible
  • It is, after all, made up of ostensible competitors who are allied for the common good.
  • Given that the country does not appear to have been invaded by a foreign power, what is the ostensible cause of this nationwide panic?
  • The ostensible cause of the conflict was a trivial argument between a public transportation driver and a passenger of different faiths.
  • The ostensible reason behind this attempt is to protect pets and wildlife from these so called cruel traps.
  • The ostensible goal of this little group was to combat the great colossus of Americana – Mickey Mouse.
  • There is simply no money in the till to fund rickety new programs that will quickly outgrow their ostensible resource base.
  • The ostensible ease with which he makes such jumps unsettles even loyal supporters.
  • While the ostensible motivation will be to improve the security of the Internet, the real objective will be to increase corporate profitability.
  • For all his ostensible desire to tell the truth, when it comes to the hardest points, McNamara proves slippery.
  • Later, the company risked its stance of ostensible objectivity by joining the preacher and his family for a picnic supper at a farm north of the city.
  • The ostensible reason is that he does not wish to relinquish his seat in the European parliament.
  • Where an employee has no actual authority, either express or implied, to perform the act in question he may still have apparent or ostensible authority.
  • The safety team’s ostensible goal was, if possible, to manage the project to a safe and successful conclusion.
  • A biography of Elvire O’Connor, the ostensible writer of this piece, is included in the program and is a tiny work of art in its own right.
  • There is a remarkable piece of dialogue on just this subject in Dr Faustus, although the ostensibletopic is music.
  • The show confirmed that he is an unabashed landscape painter, regardless of his ostensible subject matter.
  • On top of that, the government’s plan doesn’t even achieve its ostensible goal of solvency!
  • Its ostensible purpose was to usher in yet another Five Year Plan, this time on law and order.
  • The ostensible purpose of these escapades was to tag the animal’s ear, for identification and conservation.
  • As is so often the case with this Prime Minister, he was talking as much about himself as he was about his ostensible subject.
  • The embodiment of mothers in daughters was cultural ontology: it intended the world in its ostensibility, that is, in making the world appear other than what it is.
  • The report was ostensibly to be a reply to a questionnaire sent by the League.
  • His aim, ostensibly , was to bring liberty and equality to the oppressed peoples of that continent.
  • Children were separated from adults ostensibly to give children more freedom.
  • Like that lady, Health Canada wants us to quit smoking ostensibly for health purposes.
  • Naked commercialism was evident in even the most ostensibly charitable aspects of the operation.
  • Late in the day, Martyn the Builder came along ostensibly to check on the roof covering.
  • But Barnes has produced a bleak and profound meditation on love and loss from an ostensibly banal premise.
  • It was ostensibly naughty, but I like to think I had quite noble motives.
  • So, ostensibly , the Chancellor should worry – but appearances may be deceptive.



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