Terjemahan dari furtive
secret, stealthy, concealed, furtive
Definisi furtive
attempting to avoid notice or attention, typically because of guilt or a belief that discovery would lead to trouble; secretive.
they spent a furtive day together
sinonim: secretive, secret, surreptitious, clandestine, hidden, covert, conspiratorial, cloak-and-dagger, backroom, backstairs, sly, sneaky, under-the-table, sidelong, sideways, oblique, indirect, hush-hush, shifty
  • secretive, secret, surreptitious, clandestine, hidden, covert, conspiratorial, cloak-and-dagger,backroom, backstairs, sly, sneaky, under-the-table, sidelong, sideways, oblique, indirect,hush-hush, shifty
  • stealthy, sneaky, sneak, surreptitious
  • backstairs, backstair
  • The ferocious snarl of the Tyrannosaurus Rex has been replaced by a furtive shameful glance.
  • The look the officer had given Ian had been furtive , almost guilty, and Ian sensed disapproval in the man’s silence.
  • He casts a furtive, almost embarrassed glance around the nearby area.
  • The word furtive might have been invented to describe his dodgy demeanour.
  • he was furtive in his movements
  • I could see that he took a couple of furtive glances at what I was doing, but he wasn’t really watching.
  • He cast a furtive glance around the square and, seeing that his admirer had not yet gone away, bent over his boot again.
  • Someone else appears to be indulging in a furtive attempt to see what they can get away with.
  • As over the wounds of hurt pride and battered citizenship do thousands of furtive conservatives ‘furiously blog’ (in Book’s phrase).
  • He cast furtive glances out of the corner of his eye, looking for Kathleen but couldn’t seem to spot her.
  • While lord of the castle, he longs for useful work such as he did at the forge, but even his furtive attempts to fix a castle lock are foiled.
  • But his gaze was not nervous or furtive but controlling, establishing a zone that she was not to enter.
  • Micromounters are looked upon as some sort of secret society that does furtive things under microscopes for inexplicable reasons.
  • It’s almost unbearably tempting to suggest a furtive flick on the nose.
  • After a furtive glance toward his father, Jeremy answered it.
  • Usually this would prompt me to snort: how about the homosexual church officials who preach this stuff in public while leading furtive double lives?
  • Arnold, even as he issues obligatory denials, is, unlike Bill, neither furtive nor guilty.
  • There was a sudden wave of tittering from my daughter’s classmates and furtive looks.
  • Picking up his briefcase, he headed towards the police station, noticing a little more furtive activity today than usual.
  • She cast a furtive glance over her shoulder and caught a glimpse of Alex’s dejected and sullen expression.
  • There is something in a furtive glance of eyes on the subway, or from the passing crowd that does not tend to permanence.
  • Instead it’s a candid admission he once lived the furtive lifestyle of a sinister international beer villain.
  • The two exchanged furtive glances in slight panic at this last comment.
  • When their meal arrived, he forgot about them and did not notice the furtive glances the two reclusive men cast their way, although he glanced idly at them when they left the tavern.
  • There was nothing furtive or nervous about him – it was as if he was perfectly entitled to be there.
  • I didn’t miss the furtive glance he cast around to check if anyone was looking.
  • I took a furtive look around, digested the unfamiliar surroundings, and backtracked.
  • a furtive love affair
  • For her part, Christine noticed the partially furtive glances, and it saddened her more than she would’ve cared to admit.
  • Taking a furtive glance around for his father, Joe considered his next move



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