Terjemahan dari brash
kurang ajar
brash, insolent, brazen, impertinent, impudent, flippant
yg lekas pecah
fragile, breakable, friable, shivery, cracky, brash
tumpukan pecahan
Definisi brash
self-assertive in a rude, noisy, or overbearing way.
he could be brash, cocky, and arrogant
a mass of fragments, in particular.
  • self-assertive, pushy, cocksure, cocky, self-confident, arrogant, bold, audacious, brazen,bumptious, overweening, puffed up, forward, impudent, insolent, rude
  • nervy, cheeky
You may lie on the beach cursing the brash , noisy idiots who zoom up and down the coast disturbing your hangover.
I didn’t really like this new Annabelle at all: she wasn’t her old friendly self, she was hostile, brash and rude and she clearly held a large grudge towards me.
A brash ice jam in the South Channel of the St. Clair River was profiled in February 1987 using a helicopter-borne short-pulse radar operating in the UHF band near 500 MHz.
For me, Australians are too brash , too cocky, too shallow and too plentiful.
The city is bright, brash , and expensive both to those who have to live here and those who come to visit.
They come across as quite brash at first, but I soon realised they were vulnerable young men with their hearts set on high-flying football careers.
Billboards advertising assorted Americana jostle for position with US-style shopping malls and brash , brutalist hotels.
It had taken time for people to come to terms with his admittedly loud, brash style.
This dramatic comedy from 1942 plays off the match of polar opposites, the brash sports reporter Craig and the brilliant political commentator Hepburn.
The inspector said in his report that, while not ideal, the colour scheme and lettering on the pub sign were not so unsympathetic or brash as to reduce the special interest of the listed building as a whole.
The piano was transformed from gentle intimacy to huge, brash vulgarity.
Adrian pushed open the doors to the pit and a wave of loud and brash music filled their ears.
brash ice
A brash modern building, it may not have the atmosphere of the Art Nouveau building next door, but it creates its own style with high balconies surrounding the lobby covered in lush greenery.
The combination of garish cartoon colours and brash graphic quality is totally euphoric.
We might want to live in one we could justifiably call old, or quaint, modern, or minimalist, but we might feel less enthusiastic once we had come to think of the same property as decrepit, poky, brash , or bleak.
A subsurface impulse radar system on board a cutter was used to measure brash ice thickness in the Great Lakes.
How, after all, could they be blamed for their brash vulgarity, when wealth came to them so easily?
cutting up the timber and burning the brash
Edwards has been accused in the past of being too brash , arrogant, and selfish, but has made an effort to be more mature and team-oriented.
Usually, Sydney is rude, brash , and tarty: the New York of the Southern Hemisphere.
They were loud, brash , and obnoxious, and Tanj couldn’t imagine how they’d been admitted to the auction.
This image shows icebergs and brash ice along the shore of western Greenland.
After two days of being locked in by brash ice at Spring Point, we’re finally on the move again.
It’s quite brash and flashy, so I’m sure it will be worth exploring.
Then, in late winter or early spring, clusters of brash , bright purple flowers appear: I just know that if they came at any other time of the year, I would hate them!
New York City is synonymous with big, bold, brash gestures.
A noisy, brash American, he never knew he was beaten and gave absolutely everything on every point of every game, no matter how apparently hopeless the cause.
Americans love a winner, and after years of muted reactions from fans and media alike here, the sisters have finally gone from being brash upstarts to all-American champions in the public imagination.
That, I fear, is the very same reason why so many oppose its expansion: all those undergraduates from elsewhere invading the city with their brash opinions and noisy pastimes.



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