Terjemahan dari turbulent
turbulent, impassioned
noisy, rambunctious, blatant, obstreperous, hectic, turbulent
yg berputar
rotating, revolving, rotary, rotatory, gyratory, turbulent
Definisi turbulent
characterized by conflict, disorder, or confusion; not controlled or calm.
the country’s turbulent 20-year history
sinonim: tempestuous, stormy, unstable, unsettled, tumultuous, chaotic, violent, anarchic, lawless
  • tempestuous, stormy, unstable, unsettled, tumultuous, chaotic, violent, anarchic, lawless
  • rough, stormy, tempestuous, storm-tossed, heavy, violent, wild, roiling, raging, seething,choppy, agitated, boisterous
  • roily, churning
  • troubled, riotous, disruptive, tumultuous
Lebih sedikit sinonim
During its turbulent history it had known dozens of presidents, but their efforts to rule had been fruitless, invariably with blood flowing.
Needless to say he’s in the turbulent water for an awfully long time.
Built by Edward Longshanks and destroyed by the Duke of Cumberland’s army as it advanced towards Culloden, Linlithgow Palace stands at the heart of Scotland’s turbulent history.
The break-in is the latest event in a turbulent recent history for the family who were thrust back into the media spotlight following the success of their eponymous reality TV show.
Only when they were finished did I discover that the wooden boats were barely buoyant enough to survive the turbulent water.
After the most turbulent year in the history of the Olympic Games, Kevan Gosper has written an account of his life in sport, from being an athlete, through his years as a sports administrator.
Looking down at the turbulent waters below, she took a deep breath and prayed.
Boundary layers have to be modelled with particular attention to the possible change from turbulent to laminar flow.
On no occasion throughout that turbulent history was an eventual withdrawal from the convertibility regime put under serious public discussion.
In rougher, more turbulent water, trout are much harder to see.
I think that most other nationalities have had a turbulent enough history to know that one can never relax, that nothing is forever, that society is constantly making and re-making itself.
It was as if the turbulent water of new relationship really had passed beneath the bridge, and now we were free to relax.
If the air was turbulent , maintaining a tight formation was a real chore.
It’s intense and turbulent and chaotic and calming and rhythmic all at the same time.
There is another very large grassy area across the other side of the lake which offers a more forgiving landing and less chance of turbulent air.
The turbulent air is cooled, and this causes condensation and consequently an extensive stratus cloud is often formed.
Wallace began his career in the 1830s as a land surveyor in Wales, during one of the most turbulenteras of British history.
Since its introduction by the Further and Higher Education Act 1992, quality assurance of teaching has had a relatively brief but turbulent history.
In these turbulent waters, the American Navy navigates the political shoals and does what it does best.
Ironically, wave power is produced not by water but by the air currents that are trapped and then pushed around by the turbulent waters.
Don’t miss a tour of the Berlin Experience, which traces its turbulent history.
A mass of waves were sweeping the shoreline, and the turbulent water toppled trees and swept them towards both ends of the lake, now spread twice as wide as it had once been.
The turbulent water produces millions of air bubbles that circle about your mask and add to the thrill of the current.
The history of Romany gipsies and Irish travellers in Yorkshire is a long and turbulent one – and conflict with locals and the authorities is nothing new.
Sorting is one result of the movement of sediment transported by turbulent air or water.
He kicked and slapped the his way through the turbulent water in a desperate attempt to break through to the surface and breathe.
Instabilities appear in the flow as Re increases, and all flows become turbulent at sufficiently large Reynolds numbers.
The town had remained calm since the turbulent times seven months ago.
He studied the change in a flow along a pipe when it goes from laminar flow to turbulent flow.
Charlie could see turbulent waters ahead, and prayed for wisdom.



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