Terjemahan dari compassionate
compassionate, sobby
yg sangat merasakan kasihan
yg sangat merasa terharu
iba kasihan
yg ingin menghibur orang lain
merasa kasihan
compassionate, yearn
merasa terharu
Definisi compassionate
feeling or showing sympathy and concern for others.
One of the lessons she tried to teach her son is to be compassionate and have a warm heart.
sinonim: sympathetic, empathetic, understanding, caring, solicitous, sensitive, warm, loving, merciful, lenient, tolerant, considerate, kind, humane, charitable, big-hearted
sympathetic, empathetic, understanding, caring, solicitous, sensitive, warm, loving, merciful,lenient, tolerant, considerate, kind, humane, charitable, big-hearted
feel for, condole with, pity, sympathize with
I still have trouble understanding how you can be too tolerant or too compassionate .
One of the lessons she tried to teach her son is to be compassionate and have a warm heart.
Could we not have protected our borders in more humane and compassionate ways?
He is the kindest, most compassionate , humble and gentle soul I have ever met.
He was blessed with a caring and compassionate nature which was ever to the fore.
He is a compassionate man with vision who tirelessly pursues his lofty goals.
A compassionate and civilised society must find a way to understand and accommodate refugees.
The Council will at all times act in a humane and compassionate fashion.
I think this is why I have such a complete acceptance of death, and only wish to die in a dignified andcompassionate way.
For such a kind, gentle, and compassionate person, the upheaval of aggression has ceased.
He is very caring and compassionate , and is very protective towards his mother and sister.
Kitty was full of good nature and her kind and compassionate ways endeared her to one and all.
We learn to be compassionate and to consider those whose needs are very different to our own.
The groom was a caring and compassionate young man who wanted to be her husband, more than anything.
You were a very caring and compassionate man, who was always there to lend a helping hand.
They usually become more open, understanding, compassionate and reasonable.
Many are mourning the death of a warm, intelligent and compassionate young woman.
Doreen was renowned for her caring and compassionate nature and her kindness to so many people.
If we cannot be compassionate to animals, heaven help the human race.
The members of this party are among the most caring and compassionate people in the land.
Champions of individual liberty often believe even more firmly than critics in doing the right thing, including acting generously, compassionately , and helpfully – in the spirit of community.
Much of the overspend is due to the fact that the council has responded compassionately to the needs of vulnerable people.
When people have an instinctive belief that a crime will be investigated, prosecuted and punished swiftly, compassionately and impartially, it indicates that their country is or is becoming what we all want a nation to be.
We know this because he tells us so in speech after speech, and he shows us so by posingcompassionately with little urchins in photo-op after photo-op.
In the process, Nicholson actually transforms the unlikable Schmidt into a sympathetic andcompassionately tragic character.
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