Terjemahan dari bequest
heritage, legacy, inheritance, patrimony, bequest, heirdom
derivative, descendant, generation, transcription, inheritance, bequest
heritage, heirloom, relic, bequest, heirdom
grant, bequest
Definisi bequest
a legacy.
her $135,000 was the largest bequest the library ever has received
sinonim: legacy, inheritance, endowment, settlement, estate, heritage, bestowal, devise, hereditament
  • legacy, inheritance, endowment, settlement, estate, heritage, bestowal, devise, hereditament
  • legacy
Its special character as a university museum has shaped its personality, as its collections have been built up largely by gift and bequest from graduates since its foundation in 1816.
Essentially, it is plans for wealth transfers by bequest and gift which separate lifetime positive savers from lifetime zero savers.
her $135,000 was the largest bequest the library ever has received
Donors are encouraged to continue adding to the endowment yearly and/or by bequest , deferred charitable gifts or estate planning.
Once the legitimacy of first acquisition is settled, all subsequent acquisitions by the saving of income, exchange, gift or bequest of assets can be defended on the ground of mutual consent.
It provides that, in case of ‘property, acquired by bequest , devise, or inheritance, the basis shall be the fair market price or value of such property at the time of such acquisition.’
There were, however, an unusual few who plan to do the bulk of their giving by bequest .
Trembling, I opened the envelope and surveyed the contents – a notice of bequest from a long-time member of the congregation.
a painting acquired by bequest
There are, however, small collections of 78, 45 and 33rpm discs and CDs acquired by bequest and donation.
By making a contribution of bequest this year, you will be helping to ensure a safer, more nutritious food supply, both today and in the years to come.
As far as is known, however, no other members of the family received any of the Duchess’ jewels bybequest .
a bequest of over £300,000
a painting acquired by bequest
New artefacts are being brought in all the time either by donation or bequest .
On the way through it you pick up some non-internal assets (if you don’t already have some as a result of bequest or student-life thrift).
Presumably it’s precisely in order to avoid incurring such a duty that persons choose to transfer things by bequest rather than by gift.
But, the United States Government is not precluded from receiving and holding copyrights transferred to it by assignment, bequest , or otherwise.
By the early 14th cent. the endowment of almshouses had become a favoured form of charitablebequest .
One idea for improvement might be to tax each bequest rather than the estate as a whole: smallerbequests would be untaxed.
Funding comes from campaigns, bequests , legacies and the continuing generosity of citizens.
Earlier this year the foundation successfully bid £26,000 using money from its Development Fund, comprising bequests and donations by members.
The Flower Fund is funded by bequests , along with donations given instead of flowers at funerals, from which it takes its name.
Funded largely by public donations and bequests , the RPSCA has a privileged status as the inspector and prosecutor of state laws on animal cruelty.
Those with significant assets are more likely to fund large charitable gifts or bequests , making for more challenging work.
The religious charity said today it was ‘humbled’ by the generosity of one of the biggest bequests ever made.
Monasteries were foremost among the great landowners because, as in western Europe, they received donations and bequests from the laity.
Alumni and other private donors contributed $156 million more in donations, bequests and non-government grants and contracts.
Meanwhile, the picture collection continued to grow by purchase, bequests , and marriage settlements.
The charity gets no support from national or local government and is entirely reliant on donations,bequests and fundraising.



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