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monk, friar, cowl, conventual, obedientiary
monk, friar, Benedictine, monastic, votary, coenobite
Definisi monk
a member of a religious community of men typically living under vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience.
He has attended several retreats at the abbey, run by the Catholic order of Benedictine monks .
sinonim: brother, religious, cenobite, contemplative, mendicant, friar, abbot, prior, novice, oblate, postulant, lama, marabout
  • brother, religious, cenobite, contemplative, mendicant, friar, abbot, prior, novice, oblate,postulant, lama, marabout
  • monastic
Benedictine monk
He spent two years as a monk in Germany and then became secretary to a French bishop.
to live like a monk
He wanted to be a monk , not a busy town parson continually beset by unreasonable people.
He declared that it was his last mathematics book, and entered the Benedictine Order as a monk .
He then requests the ten basic vows of a novice monk and repeats each as it is recited to him.
He was the first Westerner to be ordained as a monk by the Dalai Lama and now teaches at Columbia University.
He was on his way to visit his brother Raimond, who was a monk in the Dominican monastery there.
All the community of Evesham was there, every monk and lay brother eager to greet their donors.
As a teenager, he was set on becoming a Franciscan monk until he took high school acting lessons.
Many of the alms will be donated to monks at the temple, as well as to the novices to use during their stay.
Both forms of ordination require a quorum of five ordained monks or nuns with a minimum of ten years in the Order.
Such monkish immersion is no doubt elemental to his success, and to his comfortable obscurity.
The temple takes its name from the Knights Templar, an order of warrior monks .
There’s something monkishly self-denying about his dedication to the pursuit of perfection.
Libertarian ideas, he thought, were like a delicate candle flame ever threatening to gutter; they could only be tended to monkishly by a tiny and obscure remnant.
When a group of Dominican monks founded a house in the rue St Jacques in Paris they became known as Jacobins.
The emperor assumed the authority to make rules for the communities of Buddhist monks .
The Orthodox Church offers a characteristic mix of monkish asceticism, mystical exaltation, and a special cult of beauty.
An intensely private man, almost monkish in his devotion to solitude, he apologetically explained, ‘There’s a stillness there I want to preserve.’
He was nudged awake by one member of a line of Buddhist monks who were making their daily alms run.
He still works long hours and lives monkishly up near the Housatonic River in Connecticut.
The exhibition was elegantly cool, monkishly quiet and very deliberate, just as one imagines Opalka must be: resolved, accepting, and making every moment count.
For Erasmus, divine contemplation was synonymous with idleness and monkish solitude was nothing more than baneful selfishness.
Gritting his teeth, Jim dropped the file and crossed the bullpen, past rows of monkishly bent heads and pens scribbling meaninglessly on paper.
To walk into the main gallery was to encounter a meditative environment that seemed austere andmonkish .
My thoughts turned to the Priory, and the monks who lived in peace and poverty there.
One by one the monks glided from the church, each stopping to kiss the most sacred icons as they went.
Paul aims to write the P.C. version of his life, an untrue confession that squares his late-in-lifemonkishness with his youthful travels as a young squire.
Priests and monks had to follow a strictly regimented set of activities every day.
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