Terjemahan dari lithe
flexible, limber, lithe, warped
supple, lithe, elegant, charming, elastic, stylish
Definisi lithe
(especially of a person’s body) thin, supple, and graceful.
She could feel the strength his lithe body possessed, even wounded and laying on a table.
sinonim: agile, graceful, supple, limber, lithesome, loose-limbed, nimble, deft, flexible, lissome, slender, slim, willowy
  • agile, graceful, supple, limber, lithesome, loose-limbed, nimble, deft, flexible, lissome, slender,slim, willowy
  • slender, lithesome, sylphlike, svelte, lissome, lissom, supple
He’s slumped on the sofa, the lithe body swamped by a shapeless and shabby burgundy cardigan held together with a giant safety pin.
Her lithe body whipped around, talons slicing throats and underbellies as she attacked relentlessly.
She could feel the strength his lithe body possessed, even wounded and laying on a table.
She goes to the gym three times a week to build up strength and stamina, and to keep her already litheframe toned.
I want to be thin and lithe and healthy and get rid of all this illness, all this frustration, all this hatred.
He’s a lithe , flexible performer who plays at high speed and never seems to fatigue.
Her hair is so long that it frames her lithe body beautifully, forming a stark contrast to her fair skin.
He looked graceful and lithe , like a man who could take care of himself.
With one hand on the hilt of her short sword, the lithe figure began running.
On the glass panel of the telephone box a lithe figure of ambiguous gender was blowing a trumpet fanfare to celebrate his arrival.
He’s the lithe and supple hunter no more and, like me, he’s settling happily into retired status.
The lithe figure spoke briefly with the two men who were guarding the prisoners.
The shadows coalesced in front of her, forming a thin, lithe form taller than she was.
For the inaugural event, the dancers’ lithe bodies were swathed in white.
She swung herself easily from hold to hold, her lithe body moving almost joyfully up the rock.
There was altogether a lithe gracefulness about him that was quite un-doglike.
Show me lithe , well-honed bodies and I’m ready to sign up for classes.
One of my coworkers is a tall, lanky guy who is amazingly lithe and flexible.
His lithe , muscular body shifted under the black chain mail he wore over a thin tunic.
Hung on a stark frame, it was a mould of her long, lithe body.
They would sooner have the bulk than the litheness and agility.
He moves around opponents with a litheness and grace unexpected in most prizefighters, let alone movie stars.
As I watched in amazement he leapt lithely from the couch, shook himself, stretched, and began to walk outside.
Her slender, yet fully curved figure captured everyone’s eyes and imagination as she walked by gracefully and lithely with the raw sensuality and toughness of a tiger.
The same could be said of an energetic and lithely crafted ‘Don Juan’ that is also quite memorable in the astonishing early stereo sound.
With this revival came a concomitant revival of the corporeal values associated with gymnastics: upper body strength, musculature, elasticity, litheness , flexibility, poise, and equilibrium.
The man jumped to his feet lithely , smiling brightly.
Equally suited for jazz or blues (and probably other styles as well), her voice has fullness without sacrificing litheness .
The special liposome complex improves its litheness and elasticity and visibly softens your skin.
The city seems awash with lithely fit people, slinging gym bags over their muscular shoulders as they stride purposefully towards the nearest health-club.



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