Terjemahan dari lucrative
yg menguntungkan
propitious, lucrative, profitable, trine, gainful, advantageous
Definisi lucrative
producing a great deal of profit.
a lucrative career as a stand-up comedian
sinonim: profitable, profit-making, gainful, remunerative, moneymaking, paying, high-income, well-paid, bankable, rewarding, worthwhile, thriving, flourishing, successful, booming
  • profitable, profit-making, gainful, remunerative, moneymaking, paying, high-income, well-paid,bankable, rewarding, worthwhile, thriving, flourishing, successful, booming
  • remunerative, moneymaking
  • There was a modern building to move into and lucrative development grants.
  • Instead, he became more famous for crashing his Porsche and signing the world’s most lucrative contract.
  • Now, they worry about damage to the celebrity profiles that make their careers so lucrative .
  • With a combined turnover of £20 million, it’s a lucrative business.
  • In their short period of operation, the Detroit casinos have proved extremely lucrative .
  • There was more money in the game thanks to lucrative television contracts.
  • The market is lucrative : a pack of 200 cigarettes sells for €52.
  • Even though film and television are more lucrative in terms of remuneration, theatre offers a true spiritual experience.
  • But today the genre stands as a lucrative niche in an otherwise struggling fiction industry.
  • The company claims it has received a lucrative offer from the South Australian government.
  • Her trip to Milan has been extremely lucrative for her budding career.
  • To be sure, class-action law can be a highly lucrative business.
  • Does this look like a newspaper that has made hundreds of millions out of a highly lucrative share offer?
  • Her parents are still married but heavily focused on their lucrative careers.
  • Tariffs make it lucrative for Europe and America to process coffee instead.
  • Curtailing all shopping and financially lucrative opportunities would be obviously counterproductive.
  • He now uses his luck to run a casino, a venture that has proven very lucrative .
  • As in the United States, gambling in Canada is hugely lucrative big business.
  • He urged companies in Essex to get their share of a potentially lucrative market.
  • Looking forward, Croatia could be a potentially lucrative market for political consultants.
  • The very lucratively paid Canadians are embarrassingly, shamelessly scrabbling for excuses as to why they were well-beaten by a much better team of non-professionals.
  • Persistent complaints from residents in urban housing areas has led to the move, which may see local dog owners getting lovely friendly advice from lucratively paid specialists.
  • In this age of tourism and exchange society needs not be reminded about the lucrativeness of the entertainment business.
  • We want business to do business in Johannesburg easily, lucratively and safely.
  • Indonesia is also a haven for the international trade in endangered animals, an illegal activity that ranks only behind drug trafficking in lucrativeness .
  • Chapter two outlines the wartime stimulus to the Southern African economy, and settler efforts to cash in, which the author terms, ‘the lucrativeness of loyalty.’
  • There are several, for example, who have served in the top ranks of Government and who get generous monthly pensions, and yet are lucratively employed elsewhere.
  • The way we eat now, especially in America, is not only wrong in itself, it produces the appetites which it then so abundantly and lucratively supplies.
  • You cannot discount the lucrativeness of the business.
Terjemahan dari obviate
negate, abolish, exclude, nullify, obviate, deny
avoid, spare, avert, preclude, obviate, waive
get rid of, remove, rule out, eliminate, do away, obviate
Definisi obviate
remove (a need or difficulty).
the Venetian blinds obviated the need for curtains
sinonim: preclude, prevent, remove, get rid of, do away with, get around, rule out, eliminate, make/render unnecessary
  • preclude, prevent, remove, get rid of, do away with, get around, rule out, eliminate,make/render unnecessary
  • forefend, head off, avert, forfend, ward off, stave off, deflect, debar, fend off, avoid
  • eliminate, rid of
And there are a number of cases that appear to obviate the need for a specifically partisan approach.
But then, that would obviate the need for Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro.
My own view is that by turning over this information, we obviate the need for Matt to even testify, let alone be incarcerated.
When it does become a reality, it is not expected to obviate the need for treatment.
By permitting the use of suffer materials, it may obviate the problem of undesired sticking of particulates.
a parachute can be used to obviate disaster
First, a well-functioning market economy does not obviate the need for democracy and civil and political rights.
This, however, does not obviate the need for democratic forces to formulate a strategy for change.
It won’t obviate the need for the Government to address the chronic skills crisis that’s facing our military.
The new boards obviate the need for accurately positioned spotlights or coloured bulbs.
Should this obviate the need to consider alternative theories?
The simplicity of the product would also obviate the need for independent financial advice at the point of sale.
a parachute can be used to obviate disaster
Forcing that outcome now is right and timely, and may obviate the need to pursue it militarily later.
This incredible pillow-based innovation permits grandkids to obviate unpleasant grandma kisses and avoid exposure to toxic grandpa odors.
This occurs indirectly (and hence in a viable form) through a series of metaphoric obviations .
This construction obviates the need to incorporate time into the backward construction of genealogical histories.
The vast majority of adenomas can be removed at colonoscopy, obviating the need for surgery.
In the one there was much talk of the unconscious, of metaphor and metonymy, contradictions, resolutions, transformations and obviations .
However, characterizing the migration and traction of a population of cells assuming time invarianceobviates determination of dynamic changes in the associated parameters.
Limiting exceptions to the rule to clear cases obviates the need for deliberation in every case.
This capability has major logistic advantages in obviating the need to carry other fuels to battle.
This dual status of obviation has led Foley and Van Valin to take it as ‘an interesting transition point between gender systems and… switch-reference systems’.
The diagnostic yield of bronchoalveolar lavage approaches 90%, obviating the need for biopsy in most cases.
They emphasise that the obviation of these figures is a form of patriarchy.
Our study obviates that criticism, because the antibodies we used are directed toward CXCL12 rather than to CXCR4-bearing NSCLC cells.
He is the fulfiller of needs, remover of calamities, obviator of the difficulties, supplier of the water of Kauthar.
All the terraces are concrete, which obviates the need to worry about timber decking rotting or getting slippery when wet.
Third, hypoxia can be induced surreptitiously, obviating behavioral responses at the time where critical measurements are made.
As they made changes in the military doctrine, its authors practically obviated such concepts as strategic offensive operation in continental TO.



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