Terjemahan dari malignancy
malignancy, ferocity, violence, fierceness, cruelty, malignity
crime, evil, wickedness, offense, harm, malignancy
badness, disrepute, infamy, deterioration, meanness, malignancy
hatred, hate, resentment, loathing, hostility, malignancy
revenge, grudge, resentment, spite, rancor, malignancy
hostility, enmity, feud, antagonism, malignancy, malignity
penyakit yg berbahaya
malignancy, malignance, malignity
Definisi malignancy
the state or presence of a malignant tumor; cancer.
after biopsy, evidence of malignancy was found
the quality of being malign or malevolent.
her eyes sparkled with renewed malignancy
  • malignance, malignity
  • malignance
In these cases, the presence of distant metastasis was a clear sign of malignancy .
Kaposi’s sarcoma is the most common skin malignancy associated with HIV infection.
We found no evidence of malignancy , but dysplastic changes were present in the glandular cells.
Tumours of high malignancy will sometimes have spread widely before they are diagnosed.
The systemic features of both entities can mimic occult infection, malignancy , multiple myeloma and connective tissue disease.
after biopsy, evidence of malignancy was found
When the mutation occurs in a cell, it essentially takes the brakes off the cell’s growth, causing amalignancy .
a malignancy had been removed from the left ventricle
Patients with the syndrome should be screened for an underlying malignancy or autoimmune disorder.
Examination of cells under the microscope to identify the presence of malignancy .
We know we harbor the same malignancy and malice, the same greed and injustice that we detest in others.
The most common clinical presentation of urachal malignancy is hematuria, especially in carcinomas.
The examination revealed a cancerous tumour, and a biopsy revealed a malignancy .
Carcinoma of the larynx is a rare malignancy in the paediatric age group.
Alternatively, infiltrating microglia near a focus of radiation necrosis may be mistaken for a malignancyin a treated glioma.
after biopsy, evidence of malignancy was found
I get angry, but I don’t hate because hate causes malignancy in me, not the person I’m hating.
The most urgent diagnosis is retinoblastoma, a malignancy most likely arising from retinal germ cells.
By the very nature of what it is, Empires are malignant, not benign though they cloak this malignancywith shallow kindness.
her eyes sparkled with renewed malignancy
Cytoplasmic vacuolization in this setting should not be considered evidence of malignancy in men with gynecomastia.
She has no evidence of malignancy , inflammatory disease, hemorrhage, or chronic infection.
Infections must be treated aggressively, and surveillance for unusual infections, malignancy , or autoimmune disease is critical.
A previous fine needle aspirate of the thyroid had revealed atypical follicular cells but no obvious evidence of malignancy .
The patient’s history of smoking and the initial presentation of malignancy in the lung are compatible with a lung primary.
The patient had no history of a concurrent or subsequent ovarian or pancreatic carcinoma or an invasive malignancy at any site.
Poor prognostic indicators include poorly responsive disease, delay in diagnosis and the presence ofmalignancy .
Ewing’s sarcoma is a childhood malignancy of bone and soft tissue.
A 66-year-old woman with no previous history of malignancy presented with melena.
A relatively important, yet underemphasized criterion of malignancy in prostate cancer is the presence of nucleomegaly.
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