Terjemahan dari adherent
adherent, follower, disciple
follower, disciple, vassal, adherent, cohort, henchman
support, advocate, proponent, supporter, backer, adherent
tail, head, aftermath, suite, follower, adherent
Definisi adherent
someone who supports a particular party, person, or set of ideas.
he was a strong adherent of monetarism
sticking fast to an object or surface.
the eggs have thick sticky shells to which debris is often adherent
sinonim: follower, supporter, upholder, defender, advocate, disciple, votary, devotee, partisan, member, friend, stalwart, believer, true believer, worshiper, sectary
  • follower, supporter, upholder, defender, advocate, disciple, votary, devotee, partisan, member,friend, stalwart, believer, true believer, worshiper, sectary
  • disciple
It is remarkable that this coupling between energy storage and dissipation has been observed not only in different adherent cells but also in many soft biological tissues.
The perception appears to be that I am such a slavish adherent of the letter of the law that I do not grasp the spirit of it.
He is an adherent of the somewhat controversial school of evolutionary psychology.
He was, in his younger days, an adherent of socialist views.
The results from this study indicate that the retraction response is rarely observed in the current population of passive adherent cells selected for investigation.
This procedure allows visualization of adherent bacteria in the living worms.
A 6 cm right adrenal mass that was quite adherent to the inferior vena cava was found.
As an adherent of the ‘ignore it and it will go away’ school of medicine it was only at my wife’s insistence that I made an appointment with my GP.
A growing body of evidence indicates that the primary control of adherent cell shape and deformability is exerted at the level of the cytoskeletal filaments.
As the style grows and the papillae develop, adherent pollen grains are observed with increasing frequency.
He was an adherent of liberation theology, a progressive movement that advocated for the poor.
Violet was an adherent of the United Church of Canada.
An understanding of the parameters controlling the number of rolling cells is important because it directly influences the number of adherent cells.
John Duncan was born in Athy in or about 1785 and unlike his brother Thomas he became an ardentadherent of Methodism.
Any person could be an adherent of the religion concerned, and be entitled to the same privileges and obligations as every other person.
As shear stress is increased, the number of firmly adherent cells decreases and the distribution of rolling velocities throughout the population becomes wider.
The mass was removed in multiple pieces, and some of the myocardial muscle was also removed with densely adherent tumor.
Latex beads pipetted onto the surface of adherent aggregates attach to the membrane and are internalized.
The experiments were repeated four times for each of at least five donors, and the average percentage of adherent cells under each condition was determined.
Patients who have adherent clot on their ulcer at endoscopy are at increased risk of rebleeding, as was the case in six of seven patients in this series.
The applicability of the light scattering technique would be greatly expanded if it could be implemented using adherent cells.
Other options for removing adherent scale involve applying any of a variety of oils (peanut, olive or mineral) to soften the scale overnight, followed by use of a detergent or coal tar shampoo.
This produces a shinier and more adherent silver plating.
Signs of high-risk bleeding include active arterial bleeding, nonbleeding visible vessels, nonbleedingadherent clots, and ulcer oozing.
The appendix was enlarged and formed an irregular, nodular mass with adherent omentum, measuring 6 x 4 x 4 cm.
Normal mechanical ventilation produced no change in leukocyte rolling velocity and the number ofadherent cells over 2 hours.
Even before that, I was not an adherent of the Freudian theory, just from my own experience.
He was not an adherent of an established religious tradition, but followed his own personal faith.
The limitation of our method is that it can only be used for studying cells in suspension and is therefore not suitable for adherent cell lines.
Unfortunately the tumor was quite adherent to the left subclavian artery and chest wall and could not be completely removed.



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