Terjemahan dari kismet
fate, luck, destiny, fortune, lot, kismet
nature, power, kismet, god’s will
Definisi kismet
destiny; fate.
what chance did I stand against kismet?
what chance did I stand against kismet?
And so Basrans toil in the blazing heat of the Arabian Gulf, waiting for fate, kismet , providence, grace – or perhaps the more earthly mechanism of globalization – to inspire them to reclaim their former greatness.
Aye, but here’s the rub: minorities are the ephemeral whim of kismet .
Without a college degree, this son of a single parent built a real estate empire with tremendous fortitude, business and political savvy, and a healthy dose of kismet .
Fate is the thing responsible for bringing two ever-searching lovers together, yet it is also at the hands of this same kismet that they find themselves ripped apart.
A bewildered self would be enthralled in its merciless depths of shadows and kismet .
And the house flagrantly flaunts fortune cookies that contain ‘aphorisms’ instead of portents of kismetand fame (I urge you all to bitterly complain).
Yet, with this effort falling flat, somehow I feel like life has settled into a loose conjunction with all things kismet , karma, and generally astrologically-aligned.
By the time we reach the Snow Queen episode near the end of the film, the retelling of the famous fable so accurately mirrors what is happening between the characters that it seems like Hollywood crafted kismet .
It was kismet that his paintings work so well with my colors, and his theme – a reverence for nature – works for me.
There’s something about the way we came together that still feels like it had an element of kismet or fate in it, something that just had to happen, and it happened good.
Time was running out once again, and his family’s kismet rested on him.
It is your kismet that you will die at my hands.
I’d like to tell you that kismet brought two people together, got them to talking and sparked a wild, Mexican tryst.
The Hindu and Buddhist idea of karma and the Muslim idea of kismet , or fate condemn the poor and the disabled to their suffering… It’s the will of Allah.
Synchronicity was young, still in the process of setting up, it was probably kismet that his wife wasn’t one of the subjects who’d been completely tagged and bagged already.
Luck isn’t due to kismet , karma, or coincidence, he says.
No one and nothing was supposed to interfere with the path kismet laid upon a human being.
I asked Lynne if it was kismet that has made her online business a success or just plain old hard work.
Call it kismet , fate, whatever, but things happen for a reason.
His time spent at some of the better Boston area restaurants under the tutelage of some well-respected chef-icons would also prove to be nothing short of kismet .
what chance did I stand against kismet?



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