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residence, place, dwelling, habitation, quarters, domicile
Definisi domicile
the country that a person treats as their permanent home, or lives in and has a substantial connection with.
his wife has a domicile of origin in Germany
treat a specified country as a permanent home.
the tenant is domiciled in the US
  • residence, home, house, address, residency, lodging, accommodations, digs, dwelling (place),abode, habitation
  • abode, habitation, home, dwelling, dwelling house
  • is settled, live, make one’s home, take up residence
  • shack, domiciliate, reside
The company is planning to move its domicile from Australia to London, broadening the potential investor base.
With housing loans, possessing a domicile of your dreams is no longer a mirage.
And I would extensively be honored if you house me in your fine domicile for the weekend.
the builder I’ve hired to renovate my new domicile
Perhaps it’s a standard for this type of domicile , a 1 1/2 story home built in 1943.
When an individual acquires a domicile of choice, it is as if he is connected to his domicile of origin or dependency by a piece of elastic, known as the doctrine of continuance.
For the second start in a row, on Saturday night they made short work of the 39-year-old Yankee starter in their domicile , roughing him up for four runs and knocking him out after two innings.
In years past Mother never exhibited a scintilla of tolerance for insects, going to extreme and toxic measures to keep them from gaining entrance to her domicile .
They domicile me in a cat-free zone, but it’s a problem.
Also required were a minimum stock market capitalization of $1 billion and, to avoid exchange-rate or foreign tax worries, a U.S. domicile .
However, her son and daughter-in-law also moved their domicile into the house without the elderly woman’s permission.
Normally a defendant must be sued in the courts of his domicile but Article 16 provides for exclusive jurisdiction in some cases, thus departing from that normal rule.
Wherever you’re taxed, you’ll need to know what your residency and your domicile are as they are not the same.
The domicile and residence of the settlor and the beneficiaries is also relevant.
To prepare for the listing, it was created as a holding company for the assets and its domicile moved to Britain.
The best way I can think of to draw the kids back is to turn your domicile into a haunted house.
the builder I’ve hired to renovate my new domicile
But even a die-hard horror movie fan wouldn’t like his home to be the domicile of these eight-legged creatures.
Even as she gazed endlessly at her new domicile , Virginia did not feel at home, but rather as if she was being sent into a penitentiary.
I work for a British company and, for tax purposes, consider the UK to be my domicile .
his wife has a domicile of origin in Germany
Days later, a black bear entered an Alaskan domicile and made itself, er, right at home.
The initial domicile for these 45 clients consisted of 3/4 housing to provide them with structure and group living skills.
So, you could have been born in France, but if your father was English, your domicile of origin is Britain.
There’s a certain grim irony here from comments made at the 2001 shareholders meeting to consider the domicile shift.
It appears that his domicile of origin was definitely in the United Kingdom.
If I want to stay in my domicile , I should be allowed to stay?
This followed the news that the company was registering its tax domicile in Madeira.
Just marginally longer than his pickup, the little mobile domicile featured a closet sized bathroom to the immediate left of the one door, sofas that folded out to make beds, and a tiny galley kitchen.
It is accepted, accordingly, that mother has, by birth and through her father’s then domicile, an Englishdomicile of origin.
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