Terjemahan dari indigenous
original, native, genuine, indigenous, authentic, pristine
indigenous, aboriginal
Definisi indigenous
originating or occurring naturally in a particular place; native.
the indigenous peoples of Siberia
sinonim: native, original, aboriginal, autochthonous, local, domestic, homegrown, earliest, first
  • native, original, aboriginal, autochthonous, local, domestic, homegrown, earliest, first
  • endemic, autochthonal, autochthonous
The indigenous Maoris took to the game as much as the Anglo-Saxon population.
Soybeans are indigenous to China and have long been a part of that country’s diet.
Many Western readers deny that there are any such tales of indigenous African provenance.
the animal is indigenous to this country
Some agreements were reached, including the recognition of indigenous communities.
Neither is indigenous in the manner that Indians were indigenous to North America.
The Festival should be growing an indigenous culture rather than importing one from elsewhere.
Discrimination against indigenous pygmies and ethnic minorities is a problem.
How has it got a name in the indigenous language if it is not an indigenous species?
Music in this country is listened to by the majority which speak indigenous languages.
Worst hit by the land clearances are the indigenous tribes that have lived for thousands of years in the forests.
In some cases indigenous languages can be swamped by intrusive ones over a relatively short period of time.
Yet it is not merely the insects and tides that are conjured by the indigenous name for the region.
Our lamb is from a breed of sheep indigenous to the fells around Kendal.
The tree is indigenous to the Mediterranean region, but will grow much further north.
Similarly, the terms native or indigenous are often euphemisms for what used to be termed primitive.
The plant extract is found in cloves and also in several Cape indigenous plant species.
Those who speak indigenous languages or wear traditional dress are styled Indians.
It uses mostly electric instruments, but draws heavily on indigenous styles and themes.
His book opened many readers’ eyes to the natural beauty of indigenous plants.
These mountains are famous as one of the great bastions of the indigenous language and culture of the Berbers.
Goods that are not indigenously produced are acquired from neighbouring tribes through barter exchange.
Yet indigenousness has acquired a moral aura, not only among those claiming such status, but among observers and scholars as well.
Some products are indigenously grown and manufactured while others have to be imported.
For example, some museum curators are expected to address criteria such as national identity andindigenousness .
For example, although penetrated by core economic interests, the semi-periphery has its own relatively vibrant indigenously owned industrial base.
The notion that democracy can’t be imposed but has to grow indigenously easily becomes an excuse for doing nothing and hoping for the best.
At just 20 baht the indigenously produced pill, taken twice a day, costs $29 for a month’s supply.
The project also becomes as much about feminist concerns as about indigenousness and political issues.
It’s really a movement to revive the indigenousness and the thinking of indigenous Papua New Guineans in the whole process of development.



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