• Having said that let us not get carried away in hyperbole and rhetoric.
  • In a literary world filled with emotionalism and hyperbole , there are a few guiding stars.
  • Such hyperbole deadens the sensitivity to moral distinctions in public discourse.
  • Real tragedies do not need hyperbole , for they are intrinsically hyperbolic.
  • He should then appreciate the fine line between Churchillian rhetoric and hyperbole .
  • But this exclamation is hyperbole ; we are not speaking in literal seriousness.
  • He’s using exaggeration and hyperbole to be entertaining – lots of writers do that.
  • you can’t accuse us of hyperbole
  • In any other case this might sound like directorial hyperbole , but Lloyd has reason to be confident.
  • The instances are inconspicuous, but do make for a slight forcing of the effect towards hyperbole .
  • Behind every food scare, there is a barrage of claims and counter-claims, hyperbole and damage limitation.
  • In return I can offer you glory, fame and a hatful of hyperbole
  • According to the narrator, fierce would be hyperbole for even the bravest of hobbits.
  • Whether Alice actually wanted to put a hospital in the casino or the claim is merely gossipy hyperbole is unclear.
  • It is impossible to create a responsible ethical and policy debate in a climate of hyperbole .
  • It’s safe to say that hyperbole is the stuff of both poetry and protest movements.
  • Pack up the breathless hyperbole and just point us in the direction of better gear.
  • Similarly, claims about the potential of the Internet are usually overstated and often hyperbole .
  • We see this in the recurrence of his favourite rhetorical figures of paradox and hyperbole .
  • They generally strike me as hyperbole that works to insult but not really to enlighten.
  • Heat capacity increased linearly with temperature for ice and hyperbolically for supercooled water.
  • Like the Caroline poets of his epoch, Brome’s use of rhetorical hyperbolism is also linked to the eye of the one who beholds.
  • According to the publisher’s hyperbolical publicity, the book covers ‘every aspect’ of Western medical history.
  • The poem opens hyperbolically with an image of an innocent young nymph who spends her days reclining in the grass.
  • Even Roger Ebert, who hyperbolically called it the worst film he’d ever seen at the festival, has given his upward-thumb to this renovated version.
  • It is no hyperbolism that the campaign period is the most critical and sensitive stage in any presidential and parliamentary elections.
  • This, of course, is expressed in poetry in which hyperbolism , exaggeration, is the fundamental law.
  • Her portrait of her runaway ex-husband Tadeusz is equally hyperbolical .
  • But in neither of those propositions does one find the “I” which, for Descartes, was the necessary bastion against hyperbolical doubt.
  • At the time when the novel appeared, this apocalyptical chapter must have seemed to be the boundary of hyperbolism .



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