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memenuhi syarat
qualify, adequate
memberi sifat
Definisi qualify
be entitled to a particular benefit or privilege by fulfilling a necessary condition.
they do not qualify for compensation payments
sinonim: be eligible for, meet the requirements for, be entitled to, be permitted
become officially recognized as a practitioner of a particular profession or activity by satisfying the relevant conditions or requirements, typically by undertaking a course of study and passing examinations.
after the war he qualified as a lawyer
sinonim: be certified, be licensed, pass, graduate, make the grade, succeed, pass muster
make (a statement or assertion) less absolute; add reservations to.
she felt obliged to qualify her first short answer
sinonim: modify, limit, restrict, make conditional, moderate, temper, modulate, mitigate
  • be eligible for, meet the requirements for, be entitled to, be permitted
  • count, be considered, be designated, be eligible
  • be certified, be licensed, pass, graduate, make the grade, succeed, pass muster
  • authorize, empower, allow, permit, license, equip, prepare, train, educate, teach
  • modify, limit, restrict, make conditional, moderate, temper, modulate, mitigate
  • characterize
  • dispose
  • condition, specify, stipulate
  • measure up
  • modify
  • restrict
Lebih sedikit sinonim
Pensions experts also warn you should think carefully before transferring out of an existing scheme because you may qualify for generous benefits.
To qualify for benefits, Ms Browning has also taken a job as a $12-an-hour call-center operator at T-Mobile.
While with the fire service in Mayo she completed a two-week basic fire-fighting course and then a breathing apparatus course to qualify as a fire fighter.
They had to mitigate them, they had to qualify them.
Attributive genitives are linked to the nouns they qualify by a system of connective particles.
his sincere piety and his large heart always qualify his errors
Because we do not claim benefits we do not qualify for the local nursery in my street and will have to use a private one a few miles away.
One thing that would qualify my work as ‘innovative’ is my interest in abstraction.
Impoverished children who receive Medicaid enjoy better health than children from marginally better-off families who do not qualify for the benefit.
Experts estimate that as many as 80% of the pensioner population will eventually qualify for means-tested benefits.
England are in danger of failing to qualify
Players will not be long enough at any one club to qualify for benefit as a rule.
a pensioner who does not qualify for income support
I qualify the word ‘disadvantage’ by the adjective ‘special’ – and he explains the purpose.
They could educate young people about abstinence and require teenage mothers to attend school and live at home to qualify for benefits.
I fell short of genius category by a full fifty points, barely enough to qualify me to sharpen their pencils.
More families will also qualify for Family Tax Benefit Part B, with a second income earner allowed to bring home more before the benefit is lost.
Along the way, I must qualify extreme principles in various ways and then challenge my students with examinations and term paper reports about my lectures.
Forty-eight nursing assistants now are taking classes at the Kane centers to eventually qualify as higher-paid licensed practical nurses.
However the Butterworths edition of the Use Classes Order suggests that those words qualify the whole of the definition.
According to Government figures, 40 per cent of the elderly who qualify for cash benefits fail to claim.
She was a professional woman due to qualify as a lawyer in a few weeks with every chance of a successful career.
they do not qualify for compensation payments
the training necessary to qualify as a solicitor
The constituent that comes before a head in a phrase to qualify its meaning has the function of modifier.
Members, whose compulsory retiring age is less than 55, qualify for earlier retirement benefits, but may have a reduced range of payment options.
Though your graduation certificate won’t qualify you as a professional guide, it will certainly look impressive on the wall of your den back home.
He also took his examinations to qualify as a teacher of mathematics and physics and, in 1872, he began teaching mathematics at a school in Weissenburg, Bavaria.
he failed to qualify for the Olympic team
But I still find it necessary to qualify my statement of devotion, making it clear that I recognize why my taste for the band may seem problematic.



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