Terjemahan dari homicide
murder, killing, assassination, homicide, decimation, thuggery
killer, murderer, assassin, slayer, homicide, assassinator
Definisi homicide
the deliberate and unlawful killing of one person by another; murder.
he was charged with homicide
sinonim: murder, killing, slaughter, butchery, massacre, assassination, execution, extermination, patricide, matricide, infanticide, slaying
murder, killing, slaughter, butchery, massacre, assassination, execution, extermination,patricide, matricide, infanticide, slaying
Men, on the other hand, had been sentenced to prison primarily for serious assault, drugs, homicide , and robbery.
Crimes such as assault, robbery, and homicide are dealt with routinely.
The principal felonies were homicide , rape, theft, burglary, robbery and arson.
She lodged a criminal complaint and the doctor was eventually charged with unintentional homicide .
he was charged with homicide
It didn’t take long for the police to arrest her on the charges of double homicide .
Is this death a natural death, or an accidental death, or a death due to homicide or suicide?
The police still do not have any leads on the motive or the perpetrators of that homicide .
The force deals with all crimes from homicide , violence and sexual offences to theft, fraud and drunk and disorderly behaviour.
The judges agreed that failing to keep patients alive would be criminal homicide if it were in breach of a legal duty to act so as to sustain their life.
he was charged with homicide
He has only been charged with one homicide because that is all that North Carolina will allow.
The pathological findings were equally consistent with homicide and suicide.
He was charged with criminal homicide and is lodged in the county prison.
The distinction between justifiable and unjustifiable homicide was not identical to our own.
That is, those disposed to homicide may also be more disposed to suicide than the rest of the population.
A person is nearly twice as likely to die by suicide than by homicide in the United States.
The availability of guns has played a critical role in the increase in juvenile suicide and homicide .
Operation Recall, led by West Yorkshire Police’s newly formed Homicide and Major Enquiry Team, has already resulted in two men being charged.
Det Supt Andy Brennan, of West Yorkshire Police’s Homicide and Major Enquiry Team, said the woman’s injuries included a number of bruises to her body, and marks around her neck.
Officers from West Yorkshire’s Homicide and Major Enquiry Team released the details after a massive breakthrough in the investigation.
The offence of manslaughter generally covers all unlawful homicides which are not murder.
He said gang-related homicides and kidnappings continued to provide a serious challenge.
Road accidents claim more lives in Punjab each year than all murders, homicides and fatal diseases put together.
An extraordinary 40 per cent of homicides cannot remember the moment of murder.
Two other murders were recorded last weekend bringing the total homicides for 2004 to nine compared to three last year during the same period.
It was 10:45 that morning when the only two cops with Homicide arrived at the scene of the crime.
One of the five detained during the weekend was held in St Vincent on Friday by two local policemen, one from Homicide , the other a detective.
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